Robotics Laboratory

Robot Laboratory

Conducting autonomous control testing of construction robots equipped with the latest technology

Efforts to improve productivity and secure human resources in the future have become issues in the construction industry as companies are being called upon to implement workstyle reform. Shimizu is taking new steps to reduce the need for human labor with full-scale introduction of the Shimizu Smart Site system at job sites, a system linked to robots equipped with the latest technology. This facility functions as the base of the system development.

Example of Tests and Achievements

  • Robo-Welder
  • Two robots work in concert symmetrically welding column. Once the specialized mobile dolly that the robots sit on is brought to the designated location, the robot can handle all welding automatically, without any human support.


Video of the Robo-Welder in action(Video) (0:48)

  • Robo-Buddy: Multipurpose Robot
  • After detecting the location to work through the imaging and laser sensors, the two robotic arms are used to insert ceiling hanger bolts, backing member, hold ceiling boards in place, and screw them in, or install the raised floor system pedestals and panels.


Lifting up the boards up to the ceiling frame (video) (0:16)

  • Robo-Carrier: Automatic Conveyor System
  • Robo-Carrier is a system designed to transport materials delivered to the job site to the location where the work will be performed. It detects the dimensions of the materials on its own and moves without running into other people and materials. It stops and waits when it encounters an obstacle, and if the obstacle does not move after a certain period, it recalculates the route on its own and proceeds forward while avoiding the obstacle. It can also get on elevators for itself for moving to other floors.


Carrying materials (video) (1:08)

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