Promoting Diversity

Promotion of Diversity

Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion by Shimizu Corporation

Shimizu Corporation utilizes the wide range of unique traits possessed by our employees. We work to promote diversity and inclusion to enable each employee to manifest his or her capabilities to the maximum extent.

Shimizu Corporation Declaration on Diversity & Inclusion

Shimizu Corporation declares its commitment to diversity and inclusion by expressing its stance on promoting diversity internally and externally. We express our philosophy and policies, and our background and goals through seminars, events and other opportunities.

Promoting the Advancement of Women

Promoting the Advancement of Women

This section explains what initiatives Shimizu is pursuing to promote the advancement of women.

Promoting the Advancement of Employees Who are Foreign Nationals

Promoting the Advancement of Employees Who are Foreign Nationals

Shimizu has 71 employees who are foreign nationals working as part of our team as of April 1, 2017.

Iku-Boss* Managers


This section explains the Iku-Boss initiative

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

This section explains Shimizu’s efforts to promote work-life balance.

* Iku-Boss refers to managers who actively work to support the development of women and support their childcare needs, and promote the creation of an energetic workplace that makes it easy to work.

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