Shareholder gift tradition

Description of the Shareholder Gift Tradition

At  Tokyo Mokkoujou Arts & Crafts Furnishings,which is part of Shimizu Corporation, we design and produce interior trim, furniture, décor and other fine products made of wood.Tokyo Mokkoujou Arts & Crafts Furnishings is the group of highly experienced woodworkers with deep knowledge who pass on the woodworking skills and techniques that Shimizu has cultivated over its long history. Each year young employees enter the National Skills Competition in the furniture vocational category. They were awarded gold medals in 2009 and 2010, and won the Grand Prix in technical skill in the furniture category in 2011. We are proud of their superb craftsmanship skills.

Since 2011, we have presented products produced at Tokyo Mokkoujou Arts & Crafts Furnishings as gifts to shareholders who are listed on the shareholders' register as of March 31 each year and own at least 1,000 shares. The purpose of these gifts is to help shareholders understand the unique characteristics of our company, encourage more widespread use of wood products, and improve the name recognition of Tokyo Mokkoujou Arts & Crafts Furnishings in society.

Tokyo Mokkoujou Arts & Crafts Furnishings
Tokyo Mokkoujou Arts & Crafts Furnishings

Gifts Presented in Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2018

Shimizu presents wood products produced by Tokyo Mokkoujou Arts & Crafts Furnishings as gifts to shareholders, according to the number of shares they hold.

Coasters (2) imprinted with the Chinese Zodiac signs

Shareholders who hold from 1,000 up to 4,999 shares

These are coasters imprinted with the Dog design for the Year of the Dog in 2018.
They are made of solid natural wood from Japanese Cypress trees that have been harvested to thin the forest.

Pen and memo pad stand

Shareholders who hold from 5,000 up to 9,999 shares
You can enjoy the grain of the wood on this pen and memo pad stand. It is convenient for keeping your desk or telephone table tidy. A smartphone can be inserted in the memo pad stand.

Desk clock

Shareholders who hold 10,000 shares or more

This is a compact desk clock that measures 85 mm along one side.It conveys the warmth of wood and can be placed anywhere because it doesn't take up space.

  • Each shareholder receives one gift (2 coasters for the Chinese Zodiac coasters).
  • The potted plants, glass, pen, and memo pad shown in the photos are not included in the gift.
  • These products are made of wood, so each gift differs in color and grain pattern.
  • The gifts will be shipped in late July 2018. (Only to addresses in Japan)