Environmental Testing Block


Conducting R&D on environmentally friendly construction

The Environmental Testing Block undertakes comprehensive research and development on the most advanced environmental technologies. This research and development seeks to resolve various environmentally related technical issues essential to urban planning and development projects through chemical tests, biological tests, and instrumental analyses. Comprehensive tests are performed by maximizing the effectiveness of specialized laboratories, analysis rooms, and incubation rooms to support research and development on more efficient, accurate, and reliable technologies.

Types of Testing

Ecosystem Preservation and Green Infrastructure Technologies

  • Development of biodiversity and greening technology, and technologies to utilize green space functions

Technologies that Enable Safe Living

  • Development of insect-repelling methods and insect-repelling construction materials for disease prevention and public health management

Environmental clean-up and Recycling Technologies

  • Evaluation of water quality in rivers and other bodies of water, testing of environment clean-up technologies, and treatability testing
  • Countermeasure tests for water quality control, soil remediation, and measures against odors
  • Development and testing of purification agents, waste energy conversion, and new foundation agents

Development of Technologies to Achieve Sustainability and Globalization

  • Development of technologies for treatment of oilfield produced water and oily waste in the Middle East
  • Identification of new areas business potential in the construction industry that utilize biotechnology
Vegetation testing
Vegetation testing
Plant cultivation technology testing
Plant cultivation technology testing

Facility Features

Multi Purpose Test Room and Physical Test Room

Pretreatment and physical tests of soil and rock samples (crushing, classification, etc.), and large-scale testing

Instrumental Analysis Room and Precision Machinery Analysis Room

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of physical properties using various kinds of advanced precision machinery

Chemical Test Room

Various kinds of chemical analysis in a facility that maintains high safety standards for the lab personnel and surrounding environment

Biological Test Room and Ecosystem Preservation Test Room

A facility that is fully equipped with a biological clean bench, sterilization equipment, plant cultivation equipment, etc. and maintains sufficient biological pollution precautions. It performs microbial testing, and experimentation related to preservation of rare species and ecosystems.

Roof-top Test Ground

Verification testing of rare species preservation technology, greening technologies, outdoor algae cultivation, etc.

Examples of Tests and Achievements

  • Local ecosystem preservation and creation technology (biotopes, endangered species preservation)
  • Urban greening technology (rooftop, wall surfaces, waterside), technology for evaluating urban ecosystem networks
  • Various types of research and development of new clean-up/purification technologies, and application of these technologies to large-scale clean-up projects

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