Electromagnetic Environment Laboratory

Electromagnetic Environment Laboratory

Preventing electromagnetic wave interference

In today's society, we are surrounded by electromagnetic waves and demand for mobile communication is growing. In the age of IoT, there is a greater need than ever before for buildings that protect information devices from malfunction and breakdown due to electromagnetic interference. The Electromagnetic Environment Laboratory conducts many types of experiments relating to electromagnetic waves.

Types of Testing

  • Measuring electromagnetic characteristics of construction components and materials
  • Testing on malfunctions and breakdowns caused by electromagnetic interference

Facility Features

Double Chamber Electromagnetic anechoic chamber (FCC compliant)

Boasts the highest electromagnetic shield performance in the world, with guaranteed shielding in the 100kHz to 60GHz range at 100dB and above.

Double Chamber Electromagnetic anechoic chamber

Examples of Tests and Achievements

Mock-up testing of the following:

  • Electromagnetic shield performance in power distribution substations
  • Electromagnetic shield performance in data centers

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