Questions Concerning Company

When was Shimizu Corporation founded?
Shimizu Corporation was founded in 1804, at Kanda Kajicho, Edo (now Tokyo) by Kisuke Shimizu I, who was 21 years old at the time.  Learn more our History
Please explain the slogan, “Today’s Work, Tomorrow’s Heritage.”
Shimizu established the corporate slogan of “Today’s Work, Tomorrow’s Heritage” in April 2008.
The phrase “Tomorrow’s Heritage” conveys the meaning of proudly passing on our work to the next generation while also incorporating the meaning of society’s view of our company through the unclouded, innocent eyes of the next generation.  See the Corporate Slogan for a fuller explanation
Please explain the symbolism in the corporate logo.
The logo was designed with an “I” to symbolize an eye with the ability to see into the future of our company, so the nickname “I mark” is a familiar one.  See the Logo and the Corporate Color for a more detailed explanation
Where can I find construction projects completed?
See the Construction Record for details The construction record (1849 onward) of Shimizu’s main construction projects can be cross-searched by purpose of use, region, and year range.
Tell me more about the Group companies.
The Shimizu Group consists of Shimizu Corporation, 70 subsidiaries, and 16 affiliated companies (as of March 31, 2020). Shimizu and its Group companies operate a wide variety of business in Japan and overseas, ranging from construction business to real estate development, engineering, and other businesses.
See the Shimizu Group for more information on the main Group companies
How do I obtain a corporate report?
Please request on Contact Us
It is also published on the website, so you can also view them online

Questions Concerning Financial Statements and Finance

What is the schedule for financial results announcements, etc.?
The schedule is as follows:
May: Full year financial results announcement
June: General meeting of shareholders
July: 1Q Financial results announcement
November: 2Q Financial results announcement
January: 3Q Financial results announcement
See the IR calendar for information
Where can I find financial information?
See the Financial Information, IR Library
What is the bond rating?
The current corporate ratings according to Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I) are A+ [Stable] for the issuing entity (Shimizu Corporation).  See the Bond and Credit ratings for further details

Questions Concerning Shares

Please tell me the basic information of shares.
The shares are listed on the stock exchanges located in Tokyo and Nagoya. (Stock code: 1803)
There are 100 shares per unit.
The contact is Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.
See the Administrative Information and Procedures for further details
Please tell me the amount of capital and the number of shares issued.
The capital is 74,365,317,955 yen and the number of shares issued is 788,514,613. See the Share Data for further details
What is the basic policy on shareholder return?
The basic policy of Shimizu is to declare dividends in line with business results, and we view strengthening the comapany's financial condition to provide a base for long-term growth and stable dividends as issues of importance to management.  See the Divedends for further details
Are there perks for shareholders?
We established a shareholder gift tradition in fiscal year ended March 31, 2012. See the Shareholder Gift Tradition for further details (They are shipped only to adresses in Japan)

Other Questions

Please explain your corporate governance.
Based on the basic principles of management contained in The Analects and the Abacus (Ethics and Economics), Shimizu strives to manage the company in a highly timely, efficient, transparent, and lawful manner. See Coroprate Governance for further details
Please explain your environmental initiatives.
Shimizu has stated contributing to the global community as one of its management principles. We aim to be a company that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society and are working on initiatives in environmental management. See Environmental Management for further details
Please explain your social contributions.
Shimizu actively contributes to society and local communities as a corporate citizen. Our activities are rooted in The Analects and the Abacus (Ethics and Economics), which contains the basic principles for managing our business; our corporate slogan, Today’s Work, Tomorrow’s Heritage; and our views on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate social values (CSV). See Contributing to Society for further details

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