Center for Energy Engineering

Center for Energy Engineering

Responds to issues from energy efficiency in buildings to renewable energy generation

We believe that societal concern about the global environment will continue to increase with the ratification of the Paris Climate Accord. The Center for Energy Engineering is developing, verifying, and rolling out technology that provides solutions that our customers seek, from energy efficiency in buildings and urban blocks, to the various problems concerning the introduction of renewable energy and nuclear power on the supply side.

Energy Management System (EMS)

The center developed Smart BEMS (Building Energy Management System), an optimal building control system, in 2010, proving that linking energy management to the way a building is used increases energy efficiency more. It also commercialized EMS for multiple buildings via a cloud service. At the center, we are concentrating on development of area EMS that provides stable and efficient supply of the electricity and heat to meet the increasing need for local production and local consumption of energy, using a distributed energy forms such as renewable energy, which is increasingly being installed in buildings and urban blocks.

Renewable Energy

Research under a public, private, and academic partnership was launched with the goal of creating a model for realizing the new energy society of the future while pursuing the Fukushima Plan for a New Energy Society that is a cornerstone of Fukushima recovery efforts. Surplus renewable energy can be utilized by producing hydrogen, storing, transporting and using it, CO2-free hydrogen an effective potential means for achieving net zero energy buildings (ZEB). The center is also participating in the Fukushima floating offshore wind farm demonstration project (Fukushima FORWARD), and is employing various assessments of atmospheric and hydrographic conditions, floating structure roll and pitch analysis, etc., in which Shimizu has developed expertise in the area of civil engineering, to pursue the introduction of renewable energy.

CO2-free hydrogen energy utilization system
CO2-free hydrogen energy utilization system

Radiation Analysis Technology

The center is conducting research and development on decontamination/volume reduction, and interim storage aimed at the recovery and revitalization of Fukushima, the starting point for restoring trust in nuclear power use. We are also refining our technology for measuring shielding wall radio activation with the goal of reducing the cost of steps taken to decommission general nuclear power plants in the future and to reduce radiation exposure. As the leading expert group in radiation analysis in the construction industry, we are also using the expertise we have accumulated through these activities to provide technical support to medical facilities and high-energy accelerator facilities.

High-precision analysis of concrete radio activation aimed at decommissioning of nuclear power plants
High-precision analysis of concrete
radio activation aimed at decommissioning
of nuclear power plants

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