Iku-Boss Award 2017

2017 Iku-Boss Awards

Shimizu has been awarding Iku-Boss Awards since FY 2015, and this year marks the third time we have presented the awards. We solicited Iku-Boss recommendations internally with the goal of creating an environment that makes it easier to work by adopting good examples across the organization. We received 23 recommendations as a result, and chose three of these for Gold Boss Awards and four for Special Awards.
The definition of Iku-Boss in these awards is as follows:

  1. A manager who supports both the personal lives and careers of subordinates,
  2. implements work-life balance in his or her own life, and
  3. improves productivity and improves operating efficiency to achieve workstyle reform.

Iku-Boss refers to managers who actively work to support the development of women and support their childcare needs, and promote the creation of an energetic workplace that makes it easy to work.

From the left: Mr. Furui, Construction Manager; President Inoue; Mr. Iizuka, Construction Manager; Mr. Kawanaka, Deputy General Manager

Case Studies

Gold Boss Awards

Perfect Papa Who Promotes a Three-shift system, Happy Sundays, and the Importance of Time with Family
(Award winner: Mr. Furui, Construction Manager, Tokyo Civil Engineering Branch)

Implementing work style reform that incorporates customers with two systems.

  • Three-shift system: Groups consisting of at least three people with similar roles are set up, and the alternative holidays taken and work on holidays are allocated among them with the goal of enabling 100% of alternative holidays to be taken.
  • Happy Sundays system: Employees who are working in a location apart from their families are given a half day off on Mondays. This enables them to spend Sundays with their families, which creates happy families. This in turn increases the motivation of the employees and improves productivity.

Using New Ideas to Divide Up Work, Reduce Overtime, and Enhance Private Life After Work
(Award recipient: Mr. Iizuka, Construction Manager, Tokyo Branch)

Creating an environment that gives all employees private time after work for study to acquire qualifications, childcare, etc. if they wish.
We are working to improve productivity and work efficiency through a "Leave 30 Minutes Early" campaign, an office layout that makes it easy to discuss things, active use of iPads, and other measures. We are also working to identify work that takes time and reduce the work load imposed on certain individuals.

Taking the Initiative to Return Home at a Regular Time Everyday Himself, and Encouraging Subordinates to Visit Their Home Countries Once a Year
(Award recipient: Mr. Kawanaka, Deputy General Manager, Singapore Office)

Mr. Kawanaka is creating an environment that is easy to work in by returning home at a regular time each day himself to change the mindsets of those around him on work style.
He actively participates in childcare, returns home to his family, and takes other actions to demonstrate the importance of family, and recommends to subordinates that they return home to see their families once a year. Being encouraged to go see their families pleases subordinates more than anything.

Special Awards

  • Award recipient: Mr. Otsuki, Construction Manager, Nagoya Branch
    The originator of ideas that improve work, and a charming man who thinks that a full private life is also important
  • Award recipient: Mr. Murata, Construction Manager, Chiba Branch
    A pioneer in using a time management sheet to create schedules
  • Award recipient: Mr. Moriya, Manager, Civil Engineering Headquarters
    Mr. Moriya is a champion of the lives and careers of female subordinates who live away from their families, and utilizes a diverse array of original ideas to support them.
  • Award recipient: Tamapi Team., Construction Headquarters
    This team works together to identify issues and establish the work styles of the near future in workplaces in which the majority of employees are women.

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