Health Management

Health Management Declaration

The Shimizu Group will provide an environment in which employees can be healthy and work energetically, and that will help improve the job satisfaction and happiness of all employees.

The Shimizu Group aims to be a company that advances each employee by ensuring that each employee can be healthy, work energetically, and demonstrate the skills they possess. To accomplish these things, we have established a company-wide structure for improving employee health and promoting improvements in the workplace environment, and continue to take the necessary steps. By pursuing these activities, we fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and improve the job satisfaction and happiness of every employee. This is health management in the Shimizu Group.

Kazuyuki Inoue

September 29, 2020
President and Director
Kazuyuki Inoue

Health management Promotion Structure

We have established a dedicated committee chaired by the president. This committee works to promote various measures and works together with the Human Resources Department, the clinic at the head office, the Health & Safety Committee, and the Health Insurance Association to establish measures and strengthen the system for managing and improving employee health.

Health management Promotion Structure
The main measures
To promote health management, we have specified actions in four quadrants and cycle through the PDCA process.

Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization

Shimizu was certified Outstanding Organization of "Health & Productivity Management in 2021" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI). We will continue to strengthen and accelerate initiatives in health management.

The Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program recognizes large enterprises and SMEs (small & medium-sized enterprises) that demonstrate outstanding health management based on initiatives for overcoming health-related challenges in communities and promoting health-conscious activities led by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization

Main Measures

Establish a clinic and staff it with occupational health professionals

Shimizu has established medical and dental clinics at the head office and prepared a system for preventing illness and disease in employees. The nine branches throughout Japan are also staffed with occupational healthcare professionals, and we work to create health throughout the company. We hold opinion exchanges among all occupational health staff members in Japan twice a year and strive to make further improvements to the health creation system.

Occupational physician
  • 1, full-time
  • 12, part-time
Contract physicians (internal medicine, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and dentistry)
  • 21, full-time
  • 15, part-time
Public health nurses, RNs, etc.
  • 22, full-time
  • 2, part-time
Clinical psychologist 1, full-time
Medical clinic at headquarters
Medical clinic at headquarters
Dental clinic
Dental clinic

Mental Healthcare

To maintain the mental health of employees, Shimizu provides training on self-care to young employees and training on care of those in their line to those new to managerial positions. In addition to internal support, we are also building a counseling system that provides many kinds of support to employees, including establishing an external counseling hotline and maintaining a full-time clinical psychologist at the head office. For employees returning from long-term leave, we implement a return-to-work program in cooperation with the occupational physician and clinical psychologist to support a smooth return to the workplace.

Infectious Disease Prevention Measures

For seasonal influenza, Shimizu provides mass vaccinations in the office and subsidizes the cost of vaccinations received elsewhere. In 2020, we also covered the full cost of preventive vaccinations for the family members of employees and temporary employees, and prepared for simultaneous COVID-19 and influenza epidemics.

For COVID-19, we established a response committee headed by the president. We are promptly issuing instructions to offices in Japan and overseas according to the conditions. Shimizu has established a dedicated consultation hotline for employees and their family members and is implementing various measures to ensure that employees and their families feel safe. Such measures include providing an e-learning course on infection prevention to all employees, establishing a nationwide system for working from home for employees who have an underlying condition and are at risk of serious illness and for employees who are pregnant.

Checking in with Employees Stationed Overseas

We are confirming the mental and physical health of employees stationed overseas by sending them a questionnaire three times a year. Public health nurses and occupational physicians are following up on the work environment, human relations, and other issues that are difficult to identify from a questionnaire through face-to-face meetings.

Creating Health Through the Cafeteria Menu

The cafeteria menu at the head office displays the calories, protein, fat, and salt content of menu items in an effort to improve employee health consciousness.

Cafeteria in the head office displaying the calories and other information on the menu
Cafeteria in the head office displaying the calories and other information on the menu

Conducting Health Exams

Shimizu provide annual periodic health checkup for every employee under the age of 40 and receive guidance of lifestyle-related illnesses provided by a public health nurse. We also provide day off for annual comprehensive medical examination for every employee over the age of 40 to strive for early detection of disease and prevention of serious illness. Furthermore, we assume the full cost of such health exams.

We also educate employees on the importance of undergoing exams for female-specific health risks such as uterine and breast cancer, and subsidize the expense for such exams. In fiscal 2020, we achieved screening rates of 57% for uterine cancer and 82% for breast cancer.

Job Site Rounds

The occupational physician, public health nurse, and other occupational healthcare staff travel around to construction job sites and meet with employees.
Going to the job site, confirming the actual working conditions, and meeting with employees enables them to provide appropriate healthcare advice and leads to early detection of people who are in poor health.

Interview with a public health nurse
Interview with a public health nurse

Record on Measures

This is Shimizu’s record on health management measures.

Category FY2019 Results FY2020 Results
Percentage of employees who underwent regular health exams 100% 100%
Percentage of employees who completed the stress check 87.4% 87.0%
Overall health risk on the stress check 83 83
Percentage of female employees screened for uterine cancer*
(females age 20 and older)
59.4% 57.0%
Percentage of female employees screened for breast cancer
(females age 40 and older)
84.4% 82.0%
Percentage of employees who smoke
  • Men, 29.6%
  • Women, 9.5%
  • Men, 28.1%
  • Women, 9.0%
No. of people met with during job site rounds
(job sites directly supervised by the head office)
  • Occupational physician, 82
  • Public health nurses, 1,252
  • Occupational physician, 22
  • Public health nurses, 484

As of February 28, 2021; including online interviews

The percentages of female employees screened for uterine and breast cancer are the percentages screened within the past two years.

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