Social Performance Data

Labor Force

(As of the end of each fiscal year)

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Number of employees 10,466 10,431 10,348 10,336 10,384
(Of this, number of contract employees) 1,925 1,619 1,343 880 788

Shimizu Corporation Construction data


Employees 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Number of new employees (new grads) 245 252 268 285 345
Number of new employees (mid-career hires) 34 65 56 72 79
Turnover (%) 0.9 0.9 1.1 1.1 1.2

Shimizu Corporation Construction data

Occupational Health and Safety

Trend in Safety Performance

Category FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
LTI frequency rate (4 or more days off work)*1 0.47 0.64 0.64
Severity 0.18 0.19 0.35
No. of accidents 42 61 59

Shimizu Corporation Construction data

*1 LTI (lost time injury) frequency rate: The number of deaths and injuries per million cumulative man-hours

Occupational Accidents (Fatal Accidents)

Category FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Number of Shimizu employee fatalities Full-time employees 0 0 0
Contract employees 1 0 0
Number of subcontractor fatalities 1 2 3

Shimizu Corporation Construction data

Training and Education

Training on Health & Safety

Shimizu provides basic education by experience level to provide employees with the basic knowledge they need to perform their work, based on the number of years they have been with the company, their job functions, and other factors.
The table below shows the number of participants in each level of training in fiscal 2019.

Type of Training Eligible Employees Number of Participants
Entry-level training for new employees (new hires) New employees 334
Basic safety training 2nd & 3rd year employees 166
Practical safety training 4th-5th year employees 125
Supervisor training 6th-7th year employees 151
Course on Managing Safety and Environment 8th-10th year employees 169

Shimizu Corporation Construction data

Talent Development Training*2

Training Record (Eligible participants in fiscal 2017)

Training Category Content Number of Participants Participation Rate (%) Training Hours Training per Person
Conduct, Temperament, and Literacy Training (Personal Development) (1) Training for new employees Targeted participants 100.0% 33,098h 123.5h
(2) Global communications training Targeted participants 100.0% 2,666h 15.5h
(3) Career support training for clerical positions Targeted participants 100.0% 767h 10.5h
(4) Practical skills for clerical positions Targeted participants 100.0% 1,418h 10.5h
(5) Practical skills for mid-career hires Targeted participants 100.0% 5,733h 31.5h
(6) Evaluator training Targeted participants 100.0% 1,073h 6.5h
(7) Monozukuri (Craftsmanship) heart, skills and engineering seminar for newly appointed managers Targeted participants 100.0% 4,125h 27.5h
(8) Specialized training for newly appointed management-level clerical positions Targeted participants 100.0% 413h 27.5h
(9) Innovation-oriented human resource training Targeted participants 100.0% 1,098h 61.0h
Diversity Promotion Training (1) Female employee follow-up training Targeted participants 94.4% 918h 13.5h
(2)Management training on promoting the advancement of women Targeted participants 95.7% 401h 4.5h
Study (in Japan/abroad) & external assignments (1) Study (Fiscal 2019 results) 27
(2) External assignments (registration-type as of April 1, 2019) 75

Shimizu Corporation Construction data

*2 Rate of participants in 2017 attending within 3 years


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Promoting the Advancement of Women

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Work-Life Balance

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