Open Innovation

An open, state-of-the-art research institute

The Institute of Technology houses researchers with expertise in a wide variety of fields, in addition to construction and civil engineering. These researchers pursue a broad range of research and development that surpasses the boundaries of individual fields. The institute also engages in active research and development with universities, public research institutions, and private corporations in different industries.

Utilizing the Laboratories

Joint research utilizing a laboratory
Joint research utilizing a laboratory

There are more than 10 laboratories. In addition to inventing Shimizu's original technologies, these labs are also venues for joint research with companies in different industries, and academic institutions and associations.

A Place to Verify Developed Technology

Guidance robot using the MIYUKA position detection system
Guidance robot using
the MIYUKA position detection system

The latest technologies are used experimentally in the main building and the various laboratories of the Institute of Technology. After verifying performance and collecting observation data, further improvements are made to the technology. We also have customers experience the latest technology and use their feedback in further research and development.

Communicating Information

Various reports and publications
Various reports and publications

At the Institute of Technology, we communicate information to people who visit, post information on our website, and also disseminate information through the media.

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