Materials Laboratory

Materials Laboratory

Developing high-performance materials and sustainable materials

The Materials Laboratory is an R&D facility dedicated to research and development on advanced and sustainable materials. The lab has established the technology for evaluating the performance of construction materials from multiple perspectives. This technology helps us to develop advanced high-performance materials that will contribute to a safe and comfortable society. We also conduct research and development on advanced concrete technology that will help to build a sustainable society.
The Materials Laboratory is equipped with the Shimizu Hybrid Intensive Seismic Control System to absorb and reduce motion during an earthquake. The Laboratory features floors that use Zero-Shrink concrete, a type of concrete that resists cracking under dry conditions. The floor surfaces of the material properties testing floor are coated with Chemicrete EQ, a general-purpose conductive floor-coating material that inhibits electro-static discharge.

Types of Testing

  • Evaluation of concrete workability, strength, and durability
  • Microstructure analysis and evaluation of various materials at the nano to micro levels
  • Experiments on the safety, durability, and other characteristics of high-performance materials and new materials
  • Measurement and evaluation of outgassing from interior finishing materials and equipment materials
  • Exposure test of construction materials
Autograph (tensile strength testing)
(tensile strength testing)
High-performance fiber-reinforced concrete
fiber-reinforced concrete
Material design analysis
Material design analysis
Scanning electron microscope
Scanning electron microscope
Elemental analysis of microstructure
Elemental analysis of microstructure

Facility Features

Concrete Testing Floor

  • Concrete mixing room, curing room, environmental variable chamber, multipurpose testing space (strength), constant temperature and humidity chamber for evaluation of concrete

Material Properties Testing Floor

  • Surface observation and X-ray diffraction room, chemical instrumental analysis room for advanced analysis of materials
  • Full-size production testing space, construction material tensile strength testing room, and durability testing room for evaluation of finishing materials and construction methods

Exposure Testing Ground

  • Various stands for exposure test, and meteorological observation equipment for evaluation of durability and stain of construction materials
Environmental variable chamber
Environmental variable chamber
Exposure testing ground
Exposure testing ground

Examples of Tests and Achievements

  • Zero Shrink, Super Water-repellent Formwork, filling simulation, and
    high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete design technology
  • Conductive floor coating, and analysis and evaluation of microstructures
    at the nano to micro levels
  • Technology for evaluating and selecting materials with low-outgassing
Monument wall consisting of various kinds of concrete
"Concrete Design Walk"
Monument wall consisting of
various kinds of concrete

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