Structural Testing Laboratory

The Structural Testing Laboratory

Investigating the structural performance of large structures

Fully investigating a building's structural performance is necessary for safe and economical building construction, maintenance, and management. The Structural Testing Laboratory is equipped with large-scale testing facilities to accommodate testing equipment for large structures, highly flexible and complex loading system, and highly reliable high-speed measuring equipment. The lab uses such equipments for structural testing on newly developed structures of many different shapes, forms, sizes, and materials. Verifying the structural performance and specific properties of materials facilitates practical use.

Types of Testing

  • Structural tests using large-scale models of ultra-high-rise buildings, underground storage facilities, shield segments, and nuclear power generation facilities
  • Structural tests of materials and members used in large-space construction methods, underground construction methods, and ultra-high-strength reinforced concrete structures
  • Material tests for new materials, fiber-reinforced concrete, and ultra-high-strength steel materials
  • High-speed loading tests of seismic control devices
  • Mock-up tests of special construction methods such as hybrid frames and concrete-filled tubular steel (CFT) columns

Facility Features

6 MN Structural Testing Machine

This machine is capable of applying loads up to a maximum of 6 MN for both compression and tension. Compression, tension, and bending tests can be conducted immediately, without assembling loading frames.

6 MN structural testing machine
6 MN structural testing machine

Large-force Reaction Wall and Floor

A reaction wall and reaction floor are used to apply heavy loads, vertically and horizontally with high rigidity.

Static Loading System

A combination of general-purpose frames and multiple types of jacks enables complex loading tests that simulates the state of stress and deformation in actual structures.

Dynamic Fatigue-testing System

This system is capable of high-velocity force simulating seismic force and repetitive force to investigate fatigue properties.

Structural testing with general-purpose loading frames
Structural testing with general-purpose loading frames

Examples of Tests and Achievement

  • Practical application of ultra-high-strength reinforced concrete construction and full precast construction
  • Hybrid construction (RCSS and Hy-ECOS constructions)
  • Seismic retrofitting technology (SR-CF construction)
  • Vibration damping device (Dynamic Screw, CS Damper)
  • More efficient rebar placement with the mechanical anchoring method (T-head Construction Method)

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