Contributing to Society

Basic Principles on Social Contributions

Shimizu actively contributes to society and local communities as a corporate citizen. By doing so, we help preserve the abundance of the earth and create a future society in which all people on it can live with happiness. Our activities are rooted in The Analects and the Abacus (Ethics and Economics), which contains the basic principles for managing our business; our corporate slogan, Today’s Work, Tomorrow’s Heritage; and our views on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate social values (CSV).

Social Contribution Promotion Structure

Social Contribution Promotion Structure

Key Area Initiatives

Shimizu has designated the following four areas as key initiative areas and engages in a wide range of activities based on their relationship to the basic principles of social contribution, Shimizu’s corporate culture, or business activities, and expandability into corporate social values.

Overseas Contributions

Shimizu does not limit its activities to Japan. We engage in social contribution activities to solve problems in various regions around the world. Here, we introduce our main activities.

Expenditures on Social Contribution Activities

Expenditures on Activities (¥) % of Ordinary Income (%)
FY 2017 1,073 million 0.95
FY 2018 939 million 0.77

Performance includes grants of Social Welfare Corporation Shimizu Foundation, Housing Research Foundation Jusoken and Shimizu Ikueikai.

Expenditures on Social Contribution Activities
Expenditures as a Percentage of Ordinary Income

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