Institute of Technology

The decade ahead:
―Pursuit of innovation and new values―

Established in 1944 as a first in the industry, the Shimizu Institute of Technology has played a major role in the advancement of construction technology.

Today’s world demands safety and security in earthquakes, typhoons, torrential rains, and other natural disasters; building people-friendly facilities and communities where anyone can lead a healthy, comfortable life; reducing the burden that global warming impose on the environment and conserving ecosystems; and innovations in production using robots and AI technology. Initiatives targeting the changes caused by infectious diseases are also necessary.
To achieve these goals, the Institute of Technology continues to develop new technologies and pursue innovation and new values 10 years ahead of the times.

In addition to being a research and development base, the Institute of Technology also functions as site for testing to verify technology developed, and to disseminate information on our cumulative research to society.
We develop new technologies and solutions to create new value and contribute to a safe, healthy and sustainable future for everyone.

R&D Topics

The Institute of Technology develops technologies that are ahead of the times. Here we introduce some of our latest achievements.

Research Organization

The Institute of Technology is organized into six centers that conduct research and development.