Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion by Shimizu Corporation

Policy on Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion

Shimizu works to promote diversity. Our goal is to effectively utilize the diverse range of individuality that exists among our employees and enable each employee to manifest his or her skills to the fullest extent.

  • Our employees possess a diverse range of values, views, and skills that originate from differences in gender, presence or absence of disabilities, nationality, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and other background influences. Shimizu aims to be a company that can fully and actively utilize this diverse range of skills and individual characteristics to the fullest extent.
  • Shimizu promotes work-life balance and creates a workplace that makes it easy to work.

Shimizu's goal is to respond to changes in the business environment, increase corporate value, and improve business results by promoting diversity.

Message from the President

International and social factors are changing dramatically to keep pace with rapid advances in technology, such as AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and big data. I believe we must make the most of the diverse range of individuals who make up our workforce on a global basis and create the framework and opportunities they need to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest. This will be crucial for identifying market trends, ensuring management stability, and achieving sustained growth.

For these reasons, we are energetically promoting diversity in management and striving toward an inclusive society in which we can all work and enjoy our lives with a sense of vitality, regardless of nationality, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.

(Excerpt from the Fiscal 2017 Corporate Report)

Kazuyuki Inoue, President

Shimizu Corporation

Chosen for Inclusion in New Diversity Management Selection 100

Shimizu was chosen for inclusion in the 2017 “New Diversity Management Selection 100,” an honor conferred by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. This designation honors innovative initiatives by companies that link the promotion of diversity to business results.

Shimizu was one of the 31 companies selected this fiscal year.

diversity management selection

Chosen as a Nadeshiko Brand

Shimizu was chosen as a Nadeshiko Brand in 2017, an honor awarded to listed firms that are attractive to investors who focus on medium to long-term increases in corporate value by creating an outstanding environments for the advancement of women. It is an award presented jointly by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

Shimizu was one of 47 companies who were awarded this distinction in 2017.

nadeshiko brand

Recipient of the Bronze Award for the “work with Pride” Corporate Equality Index

Shimizu received the first Bronze award among general contractors for its initiatives aimed at “work with Pride” Index 2017. This work with Pride Index was first created by “work with Pride,” a private organization, in 2016. It is an index that evaluates initiatives aimed at ensuring inclusion of LGBTQ individuals and other gender identity minorities in companies.

Shimizu was one of 109 organizations chosen to receive the award this fiscal year.

work with Pride PRIDE Index 2017 Report

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