Work-Life Balance

Shimizu Initiatives

Shimizu has established a system for taking childcare or family care leave that exceeds the legally mandated leave length as an initiative to improve work-life balance. We also provide paid leave for caring for sick children, and have established other systems to create an environment that enables employees to work without worrying about having time for childbearing and raising children. These systems include childbirth leave for spouses, and support for employees who have taken childcare leave in returning to work, a system for re-employment of employees who have retired from the company for childbearing, raising children, etc., no-interest loans for the expense of infertility treatments, and a subsidy system which can be used when employees hire their own babysitters.


We are also working to achieve work-life balance through a system that provides a variety of days off, such as sabbaticals for personal refreshment, and days off for moving to a different job site for employees who work at a job site.
Shimizu has also received a certificate* of recognition from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for formulating and achieving a general employer action plan, based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare awards a certificate of recognition to companies that actively work to support child-rearing as one means of counteracting the trend toward having fewer children.

FY 2015 Results

Number of employees (Numbers in parentheses are FY 2014 results)

Childbearing & Childcare Childcare leave (up to age 2) 70 (62)
Percentage of women who take childcare leave 100.0%(100.0%)
Shorter working hours for childcare
(up to the third year of elementary school)
66 (52)
Exemption from working overtime and on holidays 7 (6)
Spousal leave for childbirth 83 (75)
Days off to care for a sick child 107 (28)
Family Care Family care leave 2 (0)
Shorter working hours for family care 0 (0)
Days off for family care 3 (2)
Other Sabbatical for refreshment
(14 consecutive days for each 10 years of employment)
454 (581)
Time off for volunteering (10 days a year) 27 (21)
Percentage who take annual paid leave 33.8% (32.9%)

Men Are Also Taking Childcare Leave

From someone who has used it

I took childcare leave of about two months when my third child was born. It coincided with the entrance of my eldest child into elementary school and my second child into kindergarten, and I wanted to support my wife. Before I took leave, I worried about various things, such as whether it would inconvenience others at the job site, what the best timing for taking it would be, etc. In contrast to my concerns, my superior gladly accepted my request. I also received warm support from the sales branch and was able to begin my leave without any problem.

While on leave, I was able to attend the birth of my third child and clearly remember crying out in joy with my wife. While my wife was in the hospital, I not only took care of all of the housework, I also saw the children off to school and welcomed them when they returned home, made their lunches, received the home visits from teachers, etc. I was able to spend quality time with my children and it was an extremely precious experience.

Men Are Also Taking Childcare Leave

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