Future we want to fully realize

Shimizu’s environmental vision will create abundance Beyond Zero

A positive world that achieve Beyond Zero—that is what we want to build for people living now, and the children who have right to thrive in future.

Providing positive environmental value to customers and society that extends beyond just a zero negative impact from the company’s own business activities.

Shimizu group will create a wealth of environmental value through innovation approaching from the three perspectives of “zero – carbon society”,

a “resource recycling society”, and a “society that coexists harmoniously with nature”.

Shimizu group is not just questioning ourselves whether we can or cannot, we are committing ourselves to must achieve net zero emissions, a final waste zero, and zero negative impact on the environment in 2050.
We move steadily toward “Beyond” by back-casting from its view of ‘the future ahead’ in conceiving what action we must take by 2040 and 2030.

Zero Carbon Society

We take it granted to reduce CO2 emissions from all of our own business activities to Zero, in 2050.
We contribute to a zero-carbon society through the supply chain by zero CO2 emissions from operation of buildings designed and built by Shimizu, and drive progress toward a zero-carbon society through technological innovation and generating power from renewable energy.

Medium and long-term goals for reducing CO2:Ecological Mission 2030 - 2050

Since fiscal 2005 we have set and are tackling mid-term and long-term CO2 reduction targets. The targets for 2030 and 2050 were revised to align with the new vision.

Renewable Energy Use in Head Office

We switched Head Office’s commercial electricity to Aqua Premium green hydroelectric power provided by TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc. as part of our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions from our own facilities.

Environmental Initiatives in Investment and Development Business

Shimizu set four goals of introducing renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions, acquiring environment certifications, and public disclosure of energy usage and other information for our properties in the Investment and Development business. This will contribute to achieving zero carbon communities through our supply chain. Shimizu is also expanding the Green Property +® series, our leasing properties equipped with renewable energy and advanced energy-saving performance.

“Hydro Q-BiC®”, Hydrogen Energy Utilization System for Buildings

It makes it possible to conserve energy without wasting any electricity by generating, storing and using the ultimate green energy, Hydrogen.
Hydro Q-BiC® was also introduced in Shimizu’s new Hokuriku Branch office building.

Changing the Future of Japan with ZEB

Design and construct ZEBs that conserve, create, and store energy.


Construction of the “BLUE WIND”, One of the World’s Largest New Self-Propelled SEP vessels, CompletedNEW

The construction of the wind turbine installation vessel "BLUE WIND" is completed. We aim to be a major player by steadily capturing the construction demand that is expected to come into full swing both in Japan and overseas in the future.

Local biomass power

Generate renewable power from local forest resources, facilitate sustainable forest management, fight global warming, promote the forestry industry, and stimulate the local economy.

Green Electric Power Solutions

As a member of the Shimizu Group Company, Smart Eco Energy contributes to achieve a sustainable future society through its business of electricity retailing and environmental solutions.

ecoBCP Community Development

We are developing communities that are comfortable and disaster-resilient where people can have a real sense of connection with the environment from the perspectives of ecoBCP and ecoLCP.

Smart City

Shimizu develops a next-generation community: As the hub leading to Toyosu Smart City, Toyosu MiCHi no Eki integrates a pedestrian deck with a large open space, providing the main stage for a smart city experience.

Renewable Energy Power Generation BusinessNEW

We promote solar, biomass, hydro, wind, geothermal, and other power generation projects throughout Japan. We will meet the demand for decarbonization to realize a sustainable society by expanding the use of renewable energy and providing procurement services for electricity with high environmental value.

Contributing towards Negative Emissions Technologies

“Integrated Electrochemical Systems for Scalable CO2 Conversion to Chemical Feedstocks” Selected for Moonshot Research and Development Program by NEDO.

“DAC Coating” Promotes CO2 Absorption with Application on Concrete SurfacesNEW

Applied to the surface of a concrete structure, DAC Coating increases its atmospheric CO2 absorption and fixation by more than 1.5 times. It also prevents corrosion, helping to extend the lifespan of the structure.

Carbon Sequestration in Concrete Structures Using BiocharNEW

We have developed environmentally friendly concrete that sequesters carbon by mixing biochar, that is, carbonized woody biomass, into it.

GREEN FLOAT, the Future Environmental Island Concept

The concept: an artificial island, floating in the Pacific Ocean right on the equator.
We are proposing projects aimed at developing carbon-negative cities by using CO2 recovery and ocean CO2 sequestration technology in addition to being self-sufficient in food, and waste material recycling and 100% renewable energy.

OCEAN SPIRAL, Deep Sea Future City Concept

A Deep Sea Future City Concept for connecting the ocean surface to the deep sea to fully utilize the deep sea.
The deep sea has the potential to solve the problems we face on land, such as food, energy, water, CO2, and resources. Shimizu is proposing projects that regenerate the earth by harnessing the power of the deep sea.

Resource recycling society

Shimizu aims to achieve a zero final waste generated by all of our own business activities in 2050 from construction and office waste to food waste from employee cafeterias.
We continue to work on recycling resources through the entire construction lifecycle, from procuring material to dismantling. This also contributes to promotion of local resource recycling.

Resource Recycling and Waste Reduction

Reducing the volume of construction by-products and turning them into recycled resources are important mission demanded of construction companies. This is an introduction to Shimizu’s initiatives thus far.

Concrete recycling

The concrete recycling system is a system for recycling 100% of the concrete to structural material from dismantled buildings.
In 2020, we began a collaborative project with a university and a manufacturer to establish a feasible method of producing concrete that captures and sequesters atmospheric CO2.

Environmentally Friendly Temporary Construction Material

KAMIWAZA is a solution for temporary construction materials at civil engineering sites that uses paper materials from wastepaper and pulps. It was jointly developed with Oji Holdings Corporation.

Building life cycle support

Extending the lifespan of buildings is essential to realizing a resource recycling society.
This supports to maintain buildings in optimal condition without losing value, while reducing the cost over the entire building lifecycle.

Forestry-centered Development for Recycling-oriented Communities

An industry-academia-government partnership with Kawaba, Gunma Prefecture and the Tokyo University of Agriculture aims to stimulate a local circulating society and fight global warming through effective use of forest resources.

Shimizu Meguri no Mori Project -Restoring balance by planting new trees after logging-NEW

As a timber consumer, we will be actively involved in the regeneration of forest resources in the aim of promoting circular use of wood. As part of this effort, we lease three hectares of land from Kawaba Village in Gunma Prefecture for afforestation to produce lumber we use in our business operations for up to 50 years.

Maximizing the Value of Wooden ConstructionNEW

Enhancing the use of wood becomes increasingly important in terms of forest regeneration, CO2 emissions reductions and revitalization of regional economy. We are actively involved in developing technologies that make it possible to build large-scale structures out of wood and woody materials.

Society that coexisits harmoniously with nature

The construction industry tends to be featured as a negative impact generator on the natural environment from land modification, cutting down trees.
To be in line with the international goal of Nature Positive, we will invert the negative impact by 2030, starting with our own facilities and developments. In 2050, we aim to avoid all the negative impacts from all our business activities.
By introducing green infrastructure, we will also leave an abundant environment that has a positive impact on biodiversity to future generations. We will accomplish this by creating “multifunctional” landscapes and preserving natural capital by solving problems for local industries.

Green Infrastructure+ (PLUS)

Green infrastructure + (PLUS) is a concept that adds the idea and practice of restoring the rich benefits of nature to cities and regions while making a greater contribution to preserve and restore natural ecosystem.

Urban Biotope

Saisei-no-Mori Biotope provides proof of ecosystem restoration. We prepared a space to contribute to biodiversity and have been monitoring it for more than a decade.

Biodiversity Initiative

Shimizu recognizes the need to preserve the global environment and create a better environment. We not only share our philosophy and basic policies internally but also we pledge this to externally as we work on such initiatives.

Restoring the Earth in Vietnam with Shimizu’s Technology

Shimizu works on soil remediation defoliated by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War, which still causes serious damage to people’s health.

Harmony with Nature Business
(Farming in Large-scale Facility)

Shimizu is accumulating expertise in next-generation agriculture and link to preserve agricultural areas through our farming in large-scale facility.

Harmony with Nature Business
(Community-based Agriculture)

Shimizu continues to link to preserve local natural environment by contributing to the maintenance and revitalization of growing districts through solving the problems of local farmers.

Copy right : Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture

Collaboration on Forest Conservation

Shimizu aims to create a sustainable society starting in the forest, through collaboration with the Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture.