CSR Procurement Initiatives

The Shimizu Group has established a Basic Procurement Policy and Things We Request of Our Suppliers to ensure fair and transparent business activities. We communicate these when concluding agreements and in explanatory briefings, and strive to build a good relationship with our suppliers. We also established the Shimizu Group Human Rights Policy in 2018, based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and ask the suppliers in our supply chain to comply with laws and regulations, social norms, and other rules, including those relating to human rights and labor.

Basic Procurement Policy

Shimizu acts as a good partner in building relationships with suppliers that are rooted in mutual respect of one another's perspectives, based on the following Basic Procurement Policy of Shimizu Corporation.

1.Fair, Equitable, and Good-faith Transactions
Shimizu provides fair and equitable opportunities for competition to suppliers and strives to respond in good faith.
2.Compliance with Laws and Regulations, Social Norms and Internal Rule
Shimizu complies with laws and regulations, social norms, and internal company rules, and observes sound and fair procurement practices.
3.Consideration for the Environment
Shimizu takes the environment into consideration in its procurement activities, in accordance with the corporate Basic Environmental Policy.
4.Quality Assurance
Shimizu works together with suppliers to maintain and improve quality.
5.Building Good Partnerships with Suppliers
Shimizu strives to build good partnerships and to achieve mutual improvement in technical skills, based on a mutual relationship of trust.

Things We Request of Our Suppliers

In expanding its construction business globally, Shimizu Corporation must pay careful attention to the demands of its customers and society from a wide range of perspectives in regard to the procurement of materials, labor, and in outsourcing construction work. We therefore make the following requests of our suppliers* and ask all of our suppliers to maintain sound business management practices and strive to improve technical capabilities.
1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Social Norms

Shimizu asks that all of its suppliers comply with the laws, regulations, standards, and social norms of each country and region in which they conduct business, regardless of whether they are located in the country or outside of it.
Also, in order to comply with these requirements, we ask all of our business partners to cooperate by participating in training and completing a survey of legal compliance.

We also insist on the following conditions with suppliers:

  • Compliance with related laws, regulations, etc. (such as the Construction Business Act, and antitrust laws of each country and region)
  • Prohibition of actions that infringe upon fair, free, and transparent competition
  • Prohibition of requests for construction fees etc. differing from those agreed
2.Human Rights and Labor
Shimizu asks suppliers to respect the diversity, personality, and individuality of employees, and have a zero-tolerance policy toward discrimination, any kind of harassment, child labor, and forced labor. We also ask suppliers to work to provide appropriate employment and labor conditions, including appropriate wages, work hours, and management of holidays and time off.
3.Health and Safety

We ask suppliers to work to ensure a safe, comfortable work environment.

  • Promotion of disaster prevention activities at the job site in cooperation with Shimizu, based on the Construction Occupational Health and Safety Management System (COHSMS)
  • Maintenance of a safe, clean work environment
  • Registration with a green file service for occupational safety documentation

We ask suppliers to pay sufficient attention to environmental conservation in business activities in order to make the "provision of environmentally friendly products and services" stated in Shimizu's Basic Environmental Policy a reality.

  • Cooperation with environment conservation activities such as the 4R (Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) movement for construction by-products at job sites.
  • Procurement of environmentally friendly materials, equipment and construction methods (Green procurement)
5.Quality Assurance

Shimizu provides safety, security, and satisfaction to its customers and all who use its facilities by ensuring that building construction quality requirements (such as strength, function, durability, precision, and attractiveness) are met. We ask our suppliers to implement the following measures to achieve that.

  • Establish a quality assurance system
    (including a basic policy, clarification of responsibilities, use of an internal check system, etc.)
  • Strive to maintain and improve quality
    (including training and practice drills for employees, development of technology, etc.)
  • Establish the capability to respond to malfunctions and complaints during construction and after completion
    (We ask suppliers to maintain preparedness on a daily basis to enable a swift and appropriate response.)
6.Information Security

We ask suppliers to exercise sufficient care in protecting confidential, personal, and customer information related to the work performed, and strive to ensure information security.

  • Conclusion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement concerning the various kinds of confidential materials (drawings, specifications, etc., regardless of whether these are provided in paper or electronic form) and personal information provided by Shimizu
  • Participation in information security training at Shimizu job sites or other locations
  • Observance of the various security measures that Shimizu has established at job sites and other locations

Provided to suppliers and waste management suppliers as a Request for Cooperation on Environmental Activities

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