Multipurpose Testing Laboratory

Multipurpose Testing Laboratory

Functions as the base of environmental, energy, and advanced ICT development

This facility can be used for many purposes, and many types of development and verification, mainly relating to building equipment. The lab performs testing of control strategies for indoor thermal and visual environment and air quality; energy supply and demand control through energy creation, energy conservation, and energy storage; and ICT applications that will provide advanced facility services.
The laboratory is equipped with the Shimizu Hybrid Intensive Seismic Control System to absorb and reduce motion during an earthquake. The laboratory features floors that use Zero-Shrink concrete, a type of concrete that resists cracking under dry conditions.

Types of Testing

  • Evaluation of the performance of control strategies of indoor environment for energy conservation and a comfortable environment
  • Energy control testing of power supply equipment, and air conditioning and lighting equipment
  • Evaluation of the performance of exterior materials, etc. used in a variety of external environments
  • Verification of short-term and long-term operation using testing equipment such as mock-ups and testing devices

Facility Features

  • Indoor environment testing laboratory
  • ZEB solution lab
  • Energy management lab
  • Paired comparison testing chambers
  • Multipurpose testing space
Indoor environment testing laboratory
Indoor environment testing laboratory
Paired comparison testing chambers
Paired comparison testing chambers

Examples of Tests and Achievements

  • S.RADI System Light (Radiant Air-Conditioning System using Passive Chilled Beams with Perforated metal ceiling panel for small and medium sized offices)
  • MIYUKA (system that detect robot positions in the building)
  • Evaluation of the performance of exterior materials and components in the paired comparison testing chambers
  • Development of technology to improve visual comfort by controlling lighting and blinds
S-S.RADI System Light diagram
S.RADI System Light diagram

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