Stakeholder Relations

Shimizu believes that it is important to engage in dialog with customers and all other stakeholders and build a relationship of trust in order to ensure high standards in ESG (Economic, Social, and Governance) performance in our business. We work to ascertain the problems of the company through customer feedback, shareholder and investor engagement, dialog with subcontractors, and communication with employees. We also take care to communicate key information to shareholders and stakeholders and issue press releases to disclose sufficient information to all stakeholders in a timely manner.

Stakeholder Main Activities Description
Customers Business activities Provide value that exceeds the customer's expectations, rather than simply accurately assessing the customer's needs
Customer satisfaction survey Meet directly with the customer three months and again two years after construction has been completed and listen to what they have to say
Website Provide information on a timely basis
Shareholders and Investors General Meeting of Shareholders Held annually in June
Financial results meetings Future forecasts, etc. explained to analysts
IR events Offer tours of job sites, the Institute of Technology, and other locations in Japan and overseas
Meetings for overseas institutional investors Hold meetings with institutional investors in Europe, U.S., and Asia (23 times in 2016)
Employees Internal reports Published monthly
Informal social gatherings with the president Direct dialog between the president and employees nationwide every year
Union activities Discuss labor relations and work environment
Family Day event An event held for the family members of employees
Subcontractors Kaneki-kai A conference for Shimizu subcontractors in 12 regions nationwide
Successor education & training An initiative to develop the next generation of leaders
Members of the Local Community Briefings to explain construction projects to local residents Held to explain construction projects before construction begins
Job site tours To report the status of progress on construction
Social contribution activities Local events and active volunteer participation
Government and Administrative Agencies BCP response Rapid response to government requests during an emergency
External Organizations Activities in collaboration with NPOs and NGOs Work together to solve social problems

The Main Measures

SDGs・ESG Briefing

We hold SDGs・ESG briefing for analysts to explain about our most recent projects on SDGs and ESG. Presentation is made by the manager who is in charge of each project.
Also, speakers answer questions to have a dialogue with the participants.

Online streaming of SDGs・ESG briefing FY2021

Forest Management and Ecosystem Survey at the Foot of Mt. Fuji

Shimizu supports of the research program run by Earthwatch Institute Japan (NGO), “Working together with the forestry industry to create habitats for endangered species: Endangered butterflies and plants of Mt. Fuji,” with several Shimizu employees having volunteered for the program for five days between August and October 2018. Working under the guidance of specialists, the volunteers participated in activities such as mowing the afforestation area and researching the endangered wild butterflies that habitat the area by tracking and recording their locations using GPS. This provided a valuable opportunity for our employees to contribute in the regeneration and restoration of the natural environment and reflect upon the relationship between nature and mankind.

Participating in a Ministry of the Environment

Geothermal power plants are increasingly gathering public attention as it is becoming a key component of the renewable energy market. On the other hand, roughly 80% of geothermal resources are said to lie within national and nationally designated parks, and preservation of the natural environment and the scenery are key issues that must be considered in these circumstances. Given these emerging issues, the Ministry of the Environment put together an exploratory committee from FY2014 through to FY2015, and Shimizu participated as a committee member. Results from this exploratory committee are disclosed on the Ministry of the Environment website.

A geothermal power plant that incorporates natural environment and scenery concerns into its design

Site Tours at Job Sites

Shimizu is proactive in providing site tours at job sites nationwide. This enables local residents to understand our business and allows us to communicate the social mission and attractiveness of the construction industry to them.

Explaining the status of framework construction
Explaining the status of framework construction

Collaboration with the Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture

We are conducting joint research in the fields of forests and forestry with the Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture aiming for coexistence between forests and people. We are also utilizing this initiative as environmental education for our employees.

Reprinted from the website of the Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture
Reprinted from the website of the Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture

Cooperation with Seiko Holdings Corporation for Environmental Education

Seiko Holdings Corporation holds gatherings to observe nature with employees using the groves of trees it owns as the field as a part of its conservation of biodiversity. We provided technical support including biological monitoring and forest land management.

Grove of Trees Owned by Morioka Seiko Instruments Inc.
Grove of Trees Owned by Morioka Seiko Instruments Inc.
Gathering to Observe Nature
Gathering to Observe Nature

Implementation of Green Infrastructure at Yatsubori no Shimizu Yatsu

This is a green infrastructure project to regenerate fallow fields in Tomisato, Chiba Prefecture as multi-functional wetlands. We are aiming to utilize local resources contributing to nature positive through cooperation between industry, government, academia and citizens.

Regeneration Activity at Yatsu
Regeneration Activity at Yatsu

Shimizu strives to contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by working with local communities through our business on prevention of global warming, regional revitalization, and other issues.

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