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Lunar Bases -Construction on The Moon-

Plan of Lunar Bases

In advanced space programs, lunar bases will be recognized as one of the important components of space infrastructure. Lunar bases will be constructed using applied terrestrial technologies. Shimizu Corporation has been accumulating technological skills over 200 years and is now facing the challenge of applying them to the new frontier of the moon, while continuing R&D on structures, materials, construction systems, and design of lunar bases.

Concrete Lunar Base

Lunar bases in the future may be constructed using concrete from lunar resources. The shape of concrete module is hexagonal column to realize multi-directional extension of base.
For long-term manned mission, interior of base should be designed considering 1/6G gravity environment.

Construction Materials

Shimizu has continued R&D on concrete production and its utilization to construct lunar structures, focusing especially on its flexibility in processing and its excellent performance in radiation shielding.

Construction Systems

Unmanned construction systems will be a critical matter in the severe lunar environment. The concept of self-assembling structures using membranes and air-inflation systems could realize light-weight structures and reduce transportation costs. Shimizu's construction robot technologies will be applied to construction work on the moon, thereby minimizing the hazards of manned activities.
In the advanced phase of lunar bases, larger construction machines/robots will be needed to perform civil engineering work. Based on studies on the required function and performance of these machines, the optimum construction plan will be developed.

Design of Base

The design of lunar bases has to meet future requirements, including expandability and operability. Shimizu has performed several joint studies on a reference design lunar base with McDonnell Douglas Aerospace for years.

The interior of the base

The interior of the base

Surface excavation robot on the moon

Surface excavation robot on the moon

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