“The Site” Photo Gallery

Shimizu has built countless buildings and structures since the company was founded in 1804.
It began way back with the construction of the West Wing of Edo Castle and played a part in the construction of Yokohama Open Port (now Port of Yokohama) when Japan was opened overseas. In recent years, Shimizu's construction record has grown to include ultra-high-rise buildings, production and research facilities, railways, expressways, as well as the development of technology related to the environment, energy, and disaster prevention. Our construction encompasses a wide range of projects that could not have been imagined more than 210 years ago.

We have maintained harmony with people's lifestyles and cityscapes as we have advanced our work, but the one thing that has never changed, even with the changing times, is the fact that our starting point is always the job site.

The site where we continue to work in the summer heat or winter cold, and by day or by night. We decided to show photos of job sites because we are excited to share the sense of scale and action, and the scenes of people at work.