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Annual Report 2015

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Full Data (6.0 MB PDF file)

A Smart Solutions Company (3.1 MB PDF file)

Content Page
A Smart Solutions Company  
Shimizu Corporation is… 2
Three Facilities that Support Shimizu’s Business Strengths 4
Message from the President 6
Consolidated Financial Highlights 8
Aiming to be a Smart Solutions Company 9
Enhancing Sustainable Development 11
Towards a Balanced Approach to Global Project Selection 14

Major Project Completions (2.5 MB PDF file)

Content Page
Major Project Completions 18
Overseas Projects 20
Domestic Projects 22

Review of Operations (245 KB PDF file)

Management (109 KB PDF file)

Content Page
Management 29
International Business Network 30
Investor Information 32

Financial Section (168 KB PDF file)

Content Page
Consolidated Balance Sheet 34
Consolidated Statement of Income 36
Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income 37
Consolidated Statement of Changes in Net Assets 38
Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows 39
Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements 40
Independent Auditor’s Report 65
Supplemental Information  
Nonconsolidated Balance Sheet 66
Nonconsolidated Statement of Income 68
Nonconsolidated Breakdown of Orders 69

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