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Space Hotel -Space Tourism-

Formation of Space Tourism

From the ancient age Space inspires our interest and enthusiasm. Astronauts' anecdotes and documentary films provide us opportunities to become familiar with space.
If low-cost fully reusable space vehicle is successfully developed, space tourism will be a viable market. Shimizu Corporation proposes the Space Hotel to support the development of this promising business opportunity.

Structure of the Space Hotel

The Space Hotel is a large-scale space structure consisted with a 240m-long elevator shaft and four functional elements.
Even non-trained people can enjoy staying in the Space Hotel in Low Earth Orbit.
Tour participants will spend pleasant time viewing down the transparent blue Earth, thin veil atmosphere, beautiful floating clouds and the dawn of the Earth. In addition, they will enjoy astronomical observation, sports, and meal under microgravity as well as communications with the Earth.

Energy Supply

This area controls and supplies energies collected by the expandable solar panel and battery.


This area serves as arrival and departure of space transportation vehicles.

Public Area

This large truncated octahedron complex structure is composed of several modules, such as a lobby, restaurants, and an amusement hall. Sports, games and meal under microgravity will be unforgettable experiences for tour participants.

Guest Room

64 guest rooms plus 40 staff rooms are arranged in a 140m diameter ring. This ring rotates at 3rpm, which produces an artificial gravity of 0.7G, and tour participants can feel comfortable and relaxed in the guest rooms.

The spacious public zone

The spacious public zone

A guest-room module

A guest-room module

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