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February 20, 2017

Astra Tower, the New Landmark in Sudirman, Completes Structural WorkThe helipad on the peak of Astra Tower is now complete

Structural work on the the 261.5m high-rise Astra Tower has wrapped up today. The high-rise tower is set to be the tallest building located in the Sudirman business district. Construction started in 2014 under the Joint Operation of Shimizu Corporation and local general contractor PT. Total Bangun Persada.

A topping off ceremony is held at the construction site at 8:00 AM, with Mr.Prijono, the president of PT.Astra international, acting as the main guest. During the ceremony, the last steel frame is attached to the tower’s helipad, signifiying the completion of Astra Tower’s structural work.

Astra Tower would be the headquarters of PT. Astra International. With a height of 261.5m the 165 thousand million square meters building featuring 47 floors and 3 stories of penthouse is already the new landmark in Sudirman, the central business district of Jakarta.

Shimizu Corporation was awarded this project given Shimizu’s technological advantages and success in constructing high-rise buildings in Central Jakarta. In addition, Shimizu has entered a well-developed Joint Operation (JO) with Indonesia’s largest private local contractor, PT Total Bangun Persada. The latest awarded amount is 22.1 Billion yen, with the construction period lasting between 2014 Sep – 2018 Mar.

The JO pursued an ambitious target of compressing the construction period by a total of 6 months with special technologies such as excavation rationalization (compressing by 3.5 months) and applying precast method for structural construction (levels 6 – 46). Amid Indonesia’s aggressive economic growth and possible labor shortages in the future, the JO aims to complete the project in September 2017, ahead of its contractual construction period, thanks to the above mentioned technologies.

Shimizu Corporation has focused on not only factory projects, but also on MRT projects (first time to work on the Mass Rapid Transportation in Indonesia) and MNC Tower (awarded by the local media giant, PT. MNC Group, with 39 floors, a height of 173m, and total floor area of 10mil m2). The projects reflect the stable economic growth of Indonesia in recent years. Shimizu has worked with a wide range of clients, such as the government, multinational companies, and non-Japanese clients, and views Indonesia as one of the most important markets for its international operations. Shimizu is now planning to expand its operations in Indonesia.

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Construction Summary

Name of the Project  :  Menara ASTRA Project
Place of Construction  :  Along with Gen. Sudirman street Central Jakarta
Client  :  PT. Astra International
Designers  :  (Architecture) Nikken Sekkei, Airmas Asri
(Structure) Arup Singapore
(MEP) Meinhardt Indonesia
Contractor  :  Shimizu Corporation (60%), PT. Total Bangun Persada (40%)
Building Scope  :  6 Basement Floor, 47 floor + 3 penthouse
Structure  :  Reinforced Concrete
Construction Period  :  Sep 2014 – Mar 2018

Shimizu Corporation Profile

Head Office  :  2-16-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8370
Phone: +81-3-3561-1111 (Operator-assisted)
President and Director  :  Kazuyuki Inoue
Founded  :  In 1804 by Kisuke Shimizu
Incorporated 1937, as Shimizu Gumi, Ltd.
Renamed to Shimizu Construction Co., Ltd. in 194
Renamed to Shimizu Corporation in 1987
Capital  :  JP Yen: 74,365 million
US $: 660,496 thousand
(US$1=¥112.59/Year ended March 31, 2016)
Employees  :  10,751(As of April 1, 2016)
Lines of Business  :  Construction, Architecture, Engineering and Property Services

Panoramic view of Astra Tower

Information provided in this news release is current as of the date of publication. Please note that all such information is subject to change. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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