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RSS Feeds

Updated information from the Shimizu website is distributed by RSS feeds. The feeds consist of updated information from "What's New."

Note: The Shimizu website uses RSS 2.0.

About RSS

A format for content distribution based on XML technology, RSS contains information on website titles, headlines, summaries, and the dates and times when they were updated.
RSS makes it easy to check for updated information without going to the site directly.

How to Use the Feeds

To use RSS feeds, you need software known as an "RSS reader" or a browser compatible with RSS feeds.

RSS Readers

Various types of RSS readers are available, including those that display information in a format similar to e-mail, those that use pop-up messages to notify the user of updates, and those that display information in a web browser.
Download and use the RSS reader best suited to your computer's environment and purpose of use. Many RSS readers are available free of charge.

Use your RSS reader by registering the address of the RSS feed. This is done by dragging the RSS icon of the website from which you wish to get information to the RSS reader, registering with an RSS site, or other appropriate method.
For details, refer to the instructions for your specific RSS reader.


  • RSS feeds are subject to suspension or change without notice. Also note that the RSS feeds may contain inaccurate information, including information on events already completed or links currently inactive because the sites they link to have been removed.
  • Depending on your network environment, you may not be able to access articles from an RSS feed.
  • Please note that Shimizu Corporation cannot answer questions on RSS technology or software such as RSS readers provided by third parties.

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