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Our Activities

Here, we introduce some of the wide-ranging social activities. Shimizu is pursuing them as a part of its CSR activities.

Our Activities in fiscal 2012

Shimizu Open Academy expands overseas

Launched at the Institute of Technology in September 2008 as part of Shimizu’s initiatives to support company training activities and provide field trips for students, the Shimizu Open Academy was held in fiscal 2012 for the fifth successive year. Some 23,286 individuals to date have attended the Open Academy.

In September 2012, the Shimizu Open Academy was held for the first time outside Japan, at the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology in Vietnam. More than 130 students attended the program, which took as its theme Japan’s advanced construction technologies. The strong attendance points to high interest in Japanese companies.

More than 130 students as well as professors and governmental officers joined the Academy.

Dr. Suzuki made his presentation about "Energy Saving Technologies for Sustainable Society".

Planting mangrove trees (International Division)

In August 2012, a total of 75 people—local employees of Thai Shimizu, a subsidiary of the International Division, and family members—planted mangroves on the coast of Chonburi Province, south of Bangkok, part of its efforts to protect the coastal environment. This marked the second time these activities were held. To date, these efforts have led to the planting of 2,000 trees, helping to safeguard the local environment and reduce CO2 emissions.

Planting mangroves in Thailand

The event also serves as a great chance for the children of employees to gain first-hand impressions of environmental issues and activities. Thai Shimizu plans to continue internal and external CSR activities and contribute proactively to the environment and to society.

Student The Eco3R’s : Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for environment

Education is the beginning of learning and implementation. At Thai Shimizu, we arrange environmental activities every year teaching the 3R’s : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in order to encourage environment preservation awareness. On 28 May 2013 we taught students eco awareness at Baan Pong Pai School, Tambon Srimahapho, Amphur Prachinburi Province near the Toshiba project. We also taught Eco awareness on 7 August at Wat U-Thai Pranakon Province, Pran Nakon Si Ayutthaya near CST project. We focused on grade’s 4-5-6 involving 140 student to learn and utilize environmental 3R’s in their daily life. TSMZ Eco committee arranged with the project teams and invited the customers to join the eco campaigns, donate gifts, and educational equipment to the school, and also awarded environmental drawing, and tree planting.

Seed for future

Education is the most powerful

Environmental drawing award


Site Visit by Malaysian Primary School Students to the Pahang
– Selangor Raw Water Transfer Project

24 students and 4 teachers from the Tamil Primary School in Karak, Pahang State, Malaysia toured the construction site of the longest tunnel in South East Asia on 22 September 2013. This tunnel is under construction by a joint venture between Japanese and Malaysian contractors, with Shimizu Corporation in the lead.

During the visit, the joint venture staff discussed the purpose of the project and tunnel construction methods. The students were then treated to a demonstration of the construction equipment, marvelling at the huge underground cavern produced by the modern equipment.

The Pahang – Selangor Raw Water Transfer Project kicked off in June 2009. Since then, Shimizu has continually engaged the surrounding communities. To date, more than 7,000 people have visited the site, making this project one of the best known tunnelling projects in the country. The visit by the primary school students is but one example of Shimizu’s numerous outreach efforts.

Memorial photograph in front of portal

Trail ride of dump truck

Brief explanation to students

Memorial photograph in tunnel

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