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Regard for Human Rights

Basic Human Rights Policy

Shimizu strives for a positive, discrimination-free workplace founded on the principles of freedom, equality, and dignity, as codified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Constitution of Japan, et al.

Recognizing that it is people who perform our corporate activities, we find it essential that all employees, based on a deep regard for universal fraternity, respect the rights of others, while themselves not being subjected to discrimination due to race, gender, language, religion, occupation, place of birth, or other factors.

Accordingly, Shimizu will actively promote the enlightenment and education of its employees, in order that each and every employee, based on a true regard for others, acquires the sensitivity needed to eliminate prejudice and bias: to identify, refrain from, and take a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination, and deepens his or her understanding and awareness of human rights issues.

Basic HR management Policy

Shimizu’s goal is to become a “company that values people”, and in that we ensure respect for the diversity, character, and individuality of all our employees. We take proactive measures to eliminate workplace discrimination and harassment and to improve employment and working conditions in general. Shimizu aims to further the personal growth of its employees by allowing them to cultivate their full range of skills, potential, and enthusiasm.

HR Development Policy

Shimizu organizes employee education mainly through on-the-job training, encouraging awareness of independent learning based on personal responsibility and choice. Employees are entrusted with various responsibilities from early on in their careers, so they are better able to envision future possibilities.

Diversity Policy

Fundamental Policy

Shimizu Corporation strives to promote diversity for the purpose of encouraging employees to use their unique qualities and make the most of their potential.

  • Building a company where employees, with diverse values, perspectives, skills, and various backgrounds including gender, disability status, nationality, and age, can thrive as they demonstrate their unique abilities and qualities
  • Promoting a sound work-life balance to achieve pleasant work environments

By promoting diversity, Shimizu seeks to bolster its corporate value and improve performance as it responds to a rapidly changing business environment.

The values and needs of customers and other stakeholders are growing increasingly complex and diverse in keeping with changes in social, economic, and labor conditions. Shimizu must demonstrate the flexibility needed to recognize and respond appropriately to these changes.

As set forth in Shimizu Smart Vision 2010, Shimizu will grow its business by expanding its operating regions and domains, with the construction business positioned at its core.

Expanding our business regions and domains will also broaden our customer base and win new customers. This, in turn, means the values and needs we respond to are likely to grow increasingly diverse and complex.

Employee lifestyles and their motivations for work are also diversifying. In order to hire, train, and deploy outstanding people, we recognize the necessity for facilitating diverse ways of working and seek to further the work-life balance among our employees.

As part of its social responsibilities, a company needs to promote the employment and appropriate assignment of individuals with disabilities; and more generally, to provide support for all families who together are raising society’s next generation. From a social perspective, a company’s corporate value will always depend on the degree to which it succeeds in these efforts.

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