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Management Team

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board and Representative Director Yoichi Miyamoto
President and Representative Director Kazuyuki Inoue
Executive Vice President and Representative Director Osamu Terada
Executive Vice President and Representative Director Tadashi Okamoto
Executive Vice President and Representative Director Toshiyuki Imaki
Executive Vice President and Representative Director Koichiro Higashide
Executive Vice President and Representative Director Toru Yamaji
Director Koji Ikeda
Director Motoaki Shimizu
Director Yo Takeuchi
Director Aya Murakami
Note: Director Koji Ikeda concurrently serves the post of the Executive Officer.
  Director Yo Takeuchi, Aya Murakami are external directors.

Executive Officers

Senior Managing Officer Koji Ikeda
Senior Managing Officer Shigeru Namioka
Senior Managing Officer Chiyuki Iwakawa
Senior Managing Officer Yoshiyuki Ono
Senior Managing Officer Shigeki Kuriyama
Senior Managing Officer Tatsuya Kurosawa
Managing Officer Tsunehiko Yamanaka
Managing Officer Yutaka Ishikawa
Managing Officer Masahiro Indo
Managing Officer Koichi Ishimizu
Managing Officer Seiji Umetsu
Managing Officer Akimasa Ikemoto
Managing Officer Masatoshi Misawa
Managing Officer Masaki Yamaguchi
Managing Officer Naoki Kita
Managing Officer Toyoji Sone
Managing Officer Hiroshi Fujimura
Managing Officer Shinya Fukudome
Managing Officer Katsuro Sugihara
Managing Officer Shinichi Ishikawa
Executive Officer Shutaro Kubo
Executive Officer Shigeki Ono
Executive Officer Kazuyoshi Nasuhara
Executive Officer Takashi Kawata
Executive Officer Hiroshi Terada
Executive Officer Makoto Saito
Executive Officer Shinichi Takiguchi
Executive Officer Masaichi Kawamura
Executive Officer Akihiko Takeda
Executive Officer Hideharu Ushiba
Executive Officer Hiroaki Taniguchi
Executive Officer Akira Yamazaki
Executive Officer Yutaka Gozu
Executive Officer Hiroyuki Kurita
Executive Officer Yoshito Tsutsumi
Executive Officer Kentaro Ikeda
Executive Officer Masanobu Onishi
Executive Officer Kazuhito Nakamura
Executive Officer Masamichi Miki
Executive Officer Mitsuo Morii
Executive Officer Sadayasu Asano
Executive Officer Tatsuya Shinmura
Executive Officer Yasuhide Kuwahara
Executive Officer Toshikazu Tsuji
Executive Officer Yoshimi Hirata
Executive Officer Kouichi Iida
Executive Officer Takao Haneda
Executive Officer Yoshinari Dendoh
Executive Officer Toshihide Suenaga
Executive Officer Yoshinori Mochizuki

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Audit & Supervisory Board Member Chihiro Arakawa Audit & Supervisory Board Member Tetsuya Nishikawa
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Hideto Watanabe Audit & Supervisory Board Member Kaoru Ishikawa
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Hatsuhito Kaneko    
Note : Audit & Supervisory Board Members Hatsuhito Kaneko, Tetsuya Nishikawa and Kaoru Ishikawa are external auditors.

(As of December 8th, 2017)

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