Shimizu Corporation Declaration on Diversity & Inclusion

Shimizu Corporation declares its commitment to diversity and inclusion by expressing its stance on promoting diversity internally and externally. We express our philosophy and policies, and our background and goals through seminars, events and other opportunities.

A Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create a Society in which All Women Shine

Shimizu Corporation endorses the Declaration on Action issued by the male leaders meeting convened to accelerate the advancement of women under the Creating a Society in which All Women Shine initiative. As one of the participants in the male leaders group, Shimizu had declared that it will promote greater advancement of female employees.
Shimizu is implementing a variety of company-wide measures to promote the advancement of women employees. These include a Forum on Promoting the Advancement of Women, a Seminar on Promoting the Advancement of Women for junior women and their managers, an Iku-Boss Award for managers who support the childcare needs of their subordinates and actively work to develop women, and follow-up training on increasing career awareness and career-building among women.
Shimizu will continue to put even more effort into both the hard and soft aspects of establishing flexible work styles and creating an environment that enables women and other employees from a wide variety of backgrounds to participate actively and advance.

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General Employer Action Plan Based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

We have formulated an action plan that includes quantitative goals on promoting the advancement of women to an even greater degree at Shimizu Corporation. This action plan is based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace and Shimizu is working to implement the measures detailed in the plan.

We acquired the Level 2 Eruboshi (L-Star) in December 2018. This is awarded to companies that provide manager conditions for the advancement of women, based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

Certification badge(2018)
Acquired certification badge (2018)

Action Plan (Second)

Created: March 20, 2019

Shimizu has formulated the following action plan to establish an employment environment that enables women to advance to managerial positions.

1.Plan Term
April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2024
Goal #1 Increase the number of women in management by 50% compared to FY2018.
Goal #2 Increase the number of female engineers by 60% compared to FY2018.
3.Contents of Initiatives and Implementation Timeframe
Initiative #1 Fostering awareness among management.
  • Implement initiatives, provide information, and take other steps to encourage each members of management at each location to reflect on their own management style and foster a workplace environment that enables a diverse range of employees, including women, to demonstrate their capabilities to an even greater degree.
    [Implementation timeframe (schedule): Begin exploring in 2019 and implement steadily]
Initiative #2 Establish an environment that will encourage greater demonstration of capabilities.
  • Introduce a work-from-home system and implement initiatives aimed at establishing it as a regular practice.
    [Implementation timeframe (schedule): May 2019]
  • Consider what other measures are necessary to establish a workplace environment that enables a diverse range of employees to fully demonstrate their capabilities, based on the Employee Awareness Survey.

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Database of Companies that Promote the Advancement of Women

Action Plan for General Employers Based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

Shimizu formulates an action plan that includes numerical goals and implements initiatives aimed at enabling employees to successfully balance both work and family, based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.

Action Plan (7th)

Created March 9, 2023

In order to realize rewarding and attractive workplaces where all employees can work enthusiastically while balancing work with childcare, nursing care, and other personal circumstances, we have established the following action plan :

1.Plan Term
April 1, 2023 to March 21, 2025
Goal #1 We have established the following targets to further promote the use of childcare leave and leave for childcare purposes, during the planned period :
  • Implementation rate of interviews on childcare and careers* : 100%
  • Interviews conducted with eligible employees when they find out they or their spouse is pregnant to discuss with their manager what work will look like before and after taking leave so that they can do so with peace of mind

  • Total utilization rate of childcare leave and leave for childcare purposes based on requests made in interviews : 100%
  • We will improve the quality of workplace relationships and communication through training for all managers to improve their listening attentively and other communication skills and company-wide one-on-one meetings. We will design a workplace culture where employees talk freely with their managers about flexible work styles and leave according to their individual circumstances, such as childcare leave.
    [ Implementation timeframe : During 2023 ]
Goal #2 We will increase the number of options of work and leave for employees, during planned period.
  • We will review related systems to enable employees to choose flexible work styles and leave options based on their individual circumstances, such as for childcare or nursing care.
    [ Implementation timeframe : During 2024 ]
Goal #3 We will further promote networking among employees who are raising children, including their managers to ensure that they can continue to work and play an active role after returning to work.
  • We will implement the following initiatives multiple times during the planned period :
    • "Lunch Meeting Caravan" for employees on childcare leave or raising children, to provide opportunities to think about how they balance work and childcare and to form a support network for the mental health of those involved
    • "Seminars to Support Balancing Career and Raising Children" to help employees who have returned to work after childcare leave and their managers promote medium- to long-term career development programs
      [ Implementation timeframe : During planned period ]

Cheer on Women in the Construction Industry and the Companies that Support Them

By promoting diversity and inclusion, Shimizu Corporation enables each employee to manifest his or her capabilities to the maximum extent. This helps us to fulfill our goal of increasing corporate value. We are working actively to double and triple the number of women engineers and managers, hold company-wide forums for women, provide career consulting, promote work-life balance, help women to build networks, and provide other types of support.

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To all of you who will create the future

Voluntary Action Plan for Promoting Women to Corporate Officer and Management

Shimizu strives to respond to changes in the business environment and enhance corporate value by promoting diversity & inclusion of human resources and bringing the best out of the individual characteristics and abilities of each and every employee. As part of that, we are targeting a 50% increase in the number of women in management positions and a 60% increase in women engineers by 2024 (compared to 2018), as an initiative to promote the advancement of women. We are rolling out plans to develop and utilize women as part of that.

We are conducting seminars and providing information for managers at every workplace to have them reflect on their own management methods and foster a mindset of greater diversity & inclusion. The purpose of this is to establish workplace environments where all employees perform better of their abilities. We will also actively explore what plans are needed for employees to build their careers without being sidetracked by life events.

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30% Club Japan

30% Club Japan is a branch of the 30% Club started in the UK in 2010. The purpose of the club is to increase the percentage of women executives in companies.

30% Club Japan believes that a healthy gender balance on the Board of Directors, in the management team, and other corporate decision-making bodies will naturally strengthen corporate governance. It will also promote sustainable growth, improve international competitiveness, and by extension, contribute to building a sustainable Japanese society. 30% Club Japan has set the goals for the percentage of women on the Board of Directors of the constituent companies in the TOPIX 100 Index at 10% in 2020 and 30% in 2030.

Shimizu joined 30% Club Japan, which aims to increase the percentage of women executives in companies.

30% Club Japan

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#HereWeGo203030 Challenge

Shimizu has joined ‘#HereWeGo203030 Challenge’ campaigned by Japan Business Federation as a supporter company.

The goal of the ‘#HereWeGo203030 Challenge’ is a movement campaign aimed at increasing women executives to 30% or more by 2030, a goal set in The NEW Growth Strategy announced in November 2020.

Shimizu aims to promote diversity & inclusion to an even greater degree and enhance corporate value by joining the ‘#HereWeGo203030 Challenge’.


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Joined The Valuable 500

Shimizu has joined The Valuable 500, an international movement that promotes the participation of people with disabilities in society.

The Valuable 500 was launched during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Davos in January 2019.
This international movement supports companies in brilliant initiatives to participate disabilities in society, and aims to joining of 500 companies with the will to scale up initiatives in the future. Shimizu is the 400th company to join.

The Valuable 500

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Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises (ACE)

Shimizu participates in the Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises (ACE) as one of the founding members.

ACE hold seminars and workshops for personnel staff and employees with disabilities and publishes educational pamphlets to enable people to learn about best practices and example cases. It offers corporate alliance activities designed to share expertise, alliance activities with schools and supporting institutions to build early awareness of career building among students with disabilities and to develop them into human resources that contribute to the growth of companies, and role model activities to introduce and provide awards to people with disabilities who are active in companies (role models), aimed at helping people with disabilities to imagine their own growth and providing companies with employment expertise, among other activities.

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Registered as a Corporate Supporter of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Barrier-free Spirit Campaign

Shimizu was registered as a corporate supporter of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Barrier- free Spirit Campaign.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government registers corporate supporters of its Barrier-free Spirit Campaign. These companies are working with other companies and organizations on initiatives in raising awareness to cultivate a social culture with a barrier-free spirit, with their sights set on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Barrier-free Spirit

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Iku-Boss* Corporate Alliance

Shimizu has joined Iku-Boss Corporate Alliance since 2015. We have conducted many implemented initiatives Iku-Boss seminars, e-learning courses, and other initiatives for all employees so that the diverse characteristics of every employee can be utilized and bring the best out of their abilities. As part of those initiatives, we established the Iku-Boss Award system of internal recognition. Managers implementing outstanding internal initiatives are awarded the Gold Boss Award.
While Iku-Boss development initiatives are still a work in progress, we believe that we will evolve workstyle reform in the entire company through the accumulation of individuals who act in a manner that differs from traditional practices. We will continue to diligently persist in such initiatives.

work with Pride

Since fiscal 2018, Shimizu has been an executive committee of work with Pride, a voluntary association that supports the promotion and establishment of diversity management related to LGBTQ+ and other sexual minorities at companies and organizations.

work with Pride

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