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Shimizu's Innovation Expanding the Possibilities Inherent in Construction

Shimizu's spheres of activity go beyond designing and constructing buildings. Together with the changing times, the possibilities inherent in construction continue to grow. Shimizu engineering constantly generates and applies innovation in response to the emerging needs of society. To generate maximum results through optimal systems in facilities including production and distribution sites, we build projects that integrate the functions of structural and production facilities. Additionally, we provide full support for the introduction of information technologies at facilities—office buildings, public facilities, and schools—by providing our own unique information solutions. We are also working to address environmental issues, including cleanup efforts related to soil and groundwater pollution, and to build energy facilities such as nuclear and wind power plants. In addition to facility planning, design, and construction, we provide a full range of technologies and services, including the selection and procurement of required equipment and the commissioning of facilities.

Case Study: Data Center Engineering

Data centers will likely polarize into two types: mega-data centers and module or compact data centers. Shimizu provides a wide range of support and services to business owners to construct a data center that is cutting-edge, profitable to the client, environmentally sustainable and custom suited to the client's business needs. Shimizu's integrated design and construction system promises to deliver a state-of-the-art data center in the shortest period possible.

Shimizu’s Next-Generation Data Center (4.7 MB PDF file)

Shimizu’s cumulative DC construction works (across Japan)

Shimizu’s DC construction sites (Tokyo area)

Case Study: Production Plant Engineering

In building plants for products like semiconductors and liquid crystal devices, we develop plans optimized for equipment layouts and various utilities, drawing on our own unique simulation technologies at the basic planning stages. For food and chemical plants, we create facilities that offer outstanding total cost performance by basing planning on a careful overview of client production operations and by integrating production equipment and architectural plans.

A plant 3D-CAD system

A refrigerated line at the Kimuraya bakery

Case Study: Nuclear Power Facility Engineering

Wielding technologies consistently ranked at world-leading levels in the field of nuclear power, over the half-century since we helped build Japan's first nuclear-power plant, we continue to provide the highest levels of quality and safety through workflow structures that handle all project aspects, ranging from building and structural planning through design, construction, maintenance, and demolition. We are involved in nuclear power projects not just in Japan but around the world, including many in the United States and Taiwan. Our achievements include standard design authorization for new reactor types in the United States.

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