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Corporate Ethics

Since its foundation, Shimizu has based its management on the principles of Rongo to Soroban ("The Analects and the Abacus" by Eiichi Shibusawa, which proposed a balance between the ethical humanism of the Analects of Confucius [552 - 479 B.C.] and the economic activities symbolized by the abacus). Put simply, we believe a company should contribute to society and earn fair returns based on ethical business activities.

Our sense of mission remains just as strong today as in the past; it is our belief that the modern corporation must demonstrate a social outlook and fulfill myriad social responsibilities. Each day, through compliance with corporate ethics standards, Shimizu encourages management and employees to contemplate this philosophy and to act accordingly.

1. Promotion Structure

Shimizu has formulated the structure outlined below to establish a system of compliance management based on a rigorous sense of corporate ethics.

Establishing the Committee on Corporate Ethics

The Committee on Corporate Ethics deploys and follows up on measures designed to achieve strong corporate ethics guidelines and thorough legal and regulatory compliance. The Committee further examines and issues instructions on countermeasures and corrective actions needed to prevent the recurrence of any violations.

Establishing the Corporate Ethics Helpline

The Corporate Ethics Helpline has been established to prevent violations of laws, regulations, or company rules by management and employees in the course of their duties. The Corporate Ethics Helpline staff includes liaisons who handle matters such as consultations on corporate ethics, proposals for improvements, and information provision for Shimizu management and employees.

2. Code of Corporate Ethics and Conduct

The Code of Corporate Ethics and Conduct has been established to ensure thorough compliance with corporate ethics guidelines throughout the company.

I. Fulfilling Our Mission in Society

1. A Company That Values People

Shimizu has been working hard to ensure a rewarding, comfortable workplace environment for its employees. Not only do we implement strong safety measures, but we also seek to eliminate both discrimination and sexual harassment from the workplace, all while encouraging respect for employee diversity and the personality of each of our employees.

2. Performing Business in Touch with Society's Needs

In addition to delivering safe, high-quality projects and services at fair prices, we carefully consider the needs of society, protect personal and customer information, and earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers by improving the structures for follow-up support after such projects and services are delivered.

3. Safeguarding the Global Environment

To protect the global environment, we make sure our business activities are fully compliant with all relevant environmental regulations. More specifically, we make every effort to promote recycling and ensure appropriate processing of construction by-products.

4. Coexistence with local communities

In addition to developing and maintaining ties to our local communities, we energetically pursue activities that contribute to society at large. When pursuing business activities overseas, for example, in addition to complying with international regulations and local laws, we work to promote regional development, with full respect for the area's customs and practices. Furthermore, in the event of natural disasters such as massive earthquakes, we contribute to society by providing rapid and systematic disaster response and carrying out our mission based on our recognition of social responsibilities.

5. Fair Disclosure of Corporate Information

In addition to earning the trust of society through proactive and fair disclosure of corporate information, we comply with in-house rules and other requirements concerning the control of insider information. We categorically disavow any participation in insider trading.

6. Promoting Fair Competition

We take part in fair and free competition and enhance our competitiveness through improved productivity, the development of advanced technological capabilities, and the reduction of operating costs.

7. Maintaining Partnerships with Partner Companies

To maintain strong partnerships with partner companies, including specialist contractors and building materials suppliers, we conclude fair contracts with our partners and establish efficient production systems that clearly define the roles of each party.

II. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

In addition to complying with all applicable domestic and foreign laws, regulations, and standards, we are committed to avoiding any action that could invite suspicion or constitute a departure from common-sense business practices.

2. Fair Bidding Practices

When bidding for construction projects, whether in the public or the private sector, we will refrain from any action that could affect the fairness or transparency of the bidding process, including violations of criminal law, antitrust law, and other laws or regulations.

3. Establishing Transparent Relations with Government, Administrative, and Political Bodies

We are committed to maintaining fair, transparent relationships with government, administrative, and political parties in compliance with the spirit of all applicable laws and regulations, including the Political Funds Control Law, Public Offices Election Law, and the Construction Business Act.
We do not condone any illicit acts of bribery or giving other illicit benefits or favors to public officials as well as individuals in organizations deemed equivalent to public institutions. We shall do our utmost to ensure that no such acts shall be committed by our management and employees in any manner whatsoever anywhere in the world.

4. Eradication of Antisocial Behavior

In compliance with the spirit of the Law for the Prevention of Wrongful Acts by Members of Organized Crime Groups and other related laws and regulations, we pledge to reject any inappropriate demands from antisocial forces or groups threatening the public good, including organized crime or sokaiya racketeers. Further, we pledge to refrain from any antisocial actions employing such forces or groups.

5. Transparency in Corporate Accounting

We pledge to eliminate improper accounting practices such as unlawful expenditures and to maintain transparency and soundness in corporate accounting.

III. Measures to be Implemented

1. Education and Awareness

The company will provide the education and training necessary to ensure adequate understanding of the Code of Corporate Ethics and Conduct among management and employees.

2. Design of Internal Structures

To help achieve compliance with the Code of Corporate Ethics and Conduct among management and employees, the company will design the internal structures needed, including the establishment of the Committee on Corporate Ethics and sections responsible for promoting corporate ethics.

3. Corrective Action in the Event of Compliance Failures

The company will take strict disciplinary measures in the event of failure to comply with the Code of Corporate Ethics and Conduct. Members of management who fail to comply will face disciplinary action by the relevant management boards (the Board of Directors or the Board of Corporate Auditors). Employees who fail to comply will face the disciplinary measures specified in the work rules. Additionally, as part of the resolution process following such a failure to comply, members of top management will seek to identify the factors leading to such failure and implement measures to prevent recurrence.

Established: April 1998
Revised: November 2004
May 2013
November 2013
April 2015

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