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Corporate Slogan

About the Corporate Slogan

Today's Work, Tomorrow's Heritage shimz

Today, companies have a serious obligation not only to fulfill their social responsibilities, but to make energetic contributions to society as a whole. Companies are no longer judged by their economic value alone, but also by the ideas and images associated with them.

To make their objectives clear, companies must communicate effectively, sparing no effort when it comes to earning positive recognition from society and fulfilling the social roles that are most in need.

It is for the above reasons that Shimizu developed its new corporate slogan. We also had a strong desire to broaden recognition of our company name while communicating the essence of Shimizu Corporation to the general public.

Today's Work, Tomorrow's Heritage

We created a new corporate statement, "Today's Work, Tomorrow's Heritage" in 2008, that clearly expresses the core values of Shimizu Corporation and our role in society.

The statement shows our determination to continue to do our best every day, in each and every action we take, as representatives of Shimizu Corporation and its traditions.

Through sincere and responsible work, we will be able to take pride in our professional workmanship and leave a lasting heritage—our beliefs, values, and high-quality work—for all future generations.

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