Center for Social System Engineering

Center for Social System Engineerin

Develops a wide range of technologies for
new and existing social infrastructure

We conduct research and development on construction materials and methods, and experimental & computational analysis, for construction of social infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, dams, and energy storage facilities. We also analyze the value and condition of social infrastructure, facilities, regions and urban areas, etc., and evaluate the optimal methods to manage maintenance, preservation, and renovation of those.

High Level Experimental and Analytical Technology for Strengthening Infrastructure

Japan is at high risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, and having social infrastructure that is able to withstand natural disasters over a long period of time is important for social development. We also face the need to build safely and minimize the impact on the surrounding environment during the construction phase.
To accommodate such demands on social infrastructure, the center develops materials and structures that will provide the various performances required on social infrastructure, and conducts research and development on assessment technology that is necessary for planning, design, and construction, using sophisticated testing and analysis.

This system uses a combination of a 3D scanner and projection mapping technology
to visualize the status of excavation of the floor of a mountain tunnel.

Maintenance of Infrastructure and Urban Community Planning with Advanced Technology

Aging roads, bridges, and other social infrastructure built around 1970s have become a societal problem. To respond to this, we need to evaluate the value of existing social infrastructure and facilities from a new perspective. The center conducts research and development on technology to increase the ability of buildings and infrastructure to withstand earthquakes, and technology to monitor and evaluate durability aimed at maintenance, management, and renovation of aging infrastructure to resolve such problems.
We are also working on area management to achieve resilience in disasters and respond to the need of an aging society with a low birth rate, community planning proposals that incorporate advanced technologies, and analysis of city data.

A newly developed road bridge deck undergoing fatigue resilience testing
A newly developed precast steel-concrete composite bridge deck
undergoing fatigue resilience testing

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