Message from the President for the Fiscal 2021 New Employee Welcoming Ceremony

  • Management

April 1, 2021

I would like to extend a warm welcome and congratulations to all of you who have joined our company today. I will talk about the three things that I would like you to keep in mind as employees of Shimizu.

The first thing, I would like you to keep in mind in accomplishing your work from today is the valuing to maintain an attitude of teamwork and thoughtful communication. Construction work is never accomplished by one person; we work as a team. The first step in performing good work is to strive to maintain good communication in a daily basis at the workplace and build relationships of trust with people around you. Please make an effort to understand things from the standpoint and perspective of the other person, rather than just communicating your own ideas in a unilateral fashion. To communicate thoughtfully, I want you to value on taking a step forward and shortening the distance between yourself and the person with whom you are communicating, and being active involvement.

Next, I would like you to value on doing everything thoroughly. This is the fundamental attitude that will grow you as a contributing member of society. For example, follow the rules and established procedures and greet others. Do the common tasks as a matter of course, in other words, putting thoroughness in everything even small things into practice, is certainly not a simple. I want each of you to thoroughly complete the common tasks well repeatedly in the division you will be assigned so that you are able to put into practice no matter what the circumstances. However, what is regarded as common sense may change with the times. Please hone your sensitivity to such changes in the environment and make sure that you learn the skill of flexibility and adaptability.

I also want you to strive to be best in your respective fields. If you do not have the backbone to work on this, you will never be a best. At the same time, learn the proper civility for being top in your field and make an effort to improve yourself. Acquiring the spirit of monozukuri (superb craftsmanship) is the foundation for that. That is the spirit of sincerity and integrity, and the humility born of these qualities. This spirit will support you in winning the strong trust of people around you as a best businessperson in the future.

Japan and the world will probably change faster than imagined in the future, and people’s values and the customers’ demands to our company will likely also change. Shimizu will take on the challenge of transformation amid such changes. We will diligently deep dive into our essential business as a construction company and give concrete form to a new construction company that extends beyond the confines of the construction business. Let’s create a new age and the tomorrow’s Shimizu though great teamwork, beyond the divisions’ boundaries whether you specialize in building construction, civil engineering, and administrations.

【The above message was delivered in Shimizu Hall at the Head Office on April 1.】

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