Shimizu Expands RPA Group-wide to Further Improving Operational Efficiency

― Pursuing Digitalization of Routine Operations ―

  • Management

December 14, 2020

As part of the company’s digitalization strategy, Shimizu Corporation (President: Kazuyuki Inoue) has formulated common RPA operating rules for the Shimizu Group enlisted the cooperation of Hitachi Solutions, Ltd., and has established the environment for across-the-board to introduce Automation Anywhere, a server type RPA produced by Automation Anywhere, Inc. We will integrate currently operating RPA to new server type RPA by the year-end and provide operational support to overseas locations and Group companies and promote the use of RPA in operation for entire group.

Shimizu aims to be a front runner among digital general contractors and is pursuing a three-part digital strategy based on digitalization of routine operations, digitalization from design to construction, and digitalization of facilities and services provided. The use of RPA in operations is a core step to improve operational efficiency of routine work, whether working inside or outside of the office.

Shimizu has been promoting operations to RPA in each division and has already introduced more than 100 robots. In November 2019, we have held Innovation Seminar to roll out outstanding examples of RPA for employees who work inside of the office, with the goal of greater improvements operational efficiency through the use of RPA. On the other hand, the introduction of RPA from various vendors clarified problems accompanying the use of RPA in each division, such as scattered expertise in robot development, the emergence of information security risks, and cost management.

Shimizu has explored the various options to solve those problems. Then we decided to introduce a server type RPA that can be operate in common to all divisions and Group companies in Japan and overseas, and also can visualize robot usage, development status, and operating schedule. Along with the introduction of RPA, we standardized the robot development process and operating rules, and shared robots already developed, FAQs on development, and worked to standardize the parts used in robots. Shimizu will automate 15% of back office such as simple repetitive work, data production and aggregation through the use of RPA in operations.

An RPA Promotion Team was established in the Digital Strategy Promotion Division to efficiently manage RPA. Divisions that will be RPA users apply to use through Workflow, this structure enables the Digital Strategy Promotion Division to monitor all users from the development process through usage status. Users can share robots that have been created by other divisions and are available for use, FAQs on development, operating rules, and other information through access to intranet.

Shimizu continue to work on the three-part of the digital strategy to further improve operational efficiency.

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