Shimizu's response to the spread of new coronavirus infection

April 13, 2020
Shimizu Corporation

Shimizu Corporation has promoted measures to prevent the spread of infection, including trying to thoroughly disinfect to prevent infection and avoid "three C`s" at job sites according to the guidance of related ministries and agencies, and also to prevent infections at home, by telework and refraining from business trips. Furthermore, in response to the "State Emergency Declaration" issued on April 7, we are making every possible effort to reduce the number of employees going to work to further reduce contact between people.

However, despite these measures, results of the new coronavirus (PCR) test found three people working at the same job site in our company in Tokyo, to be "positive". While waiting for the results at home, one of the three died when his condition suddenly deteriorated after the examination. Following his death, the result turned out to be "positive". We are currently proceeding with additional measures while awaiting confirmation from the public health center.

We consider the life and safety of the employees of our group and cooperating companies to be our top priority. Based on the increasing severity of infections in the Tokyo metropolitan area and other urban areas, and to further strengthen the prevention of the spread of this infectious disease, we have decided to close our job sites located in the areas subject to the April 7 “State of Emergency Declaration” until the end of the emergency declaration. We will continue to hold discussions with all concerned. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.