Shimizu's craftsmanship DNA fused with computational design,
providing value that exceeds expectations.

We have built our own unique digital platform, "Shimz DDE," by fusing the craftsmanship DNA cultivated since our founding in 1804 with the latest computational design* methods.

We have integrated and consolidated the functions of various independent software programs into one platform. It covers everything from planning to simulation, presentation, and drawing, and enables a new design approach with computer programming that makes full use of algorithms.

Shimz DDE and the firm’s promotion of "Design-Build alignment BIM" are a two-pronged initiative; the results of various trials and errors performed in the upstream stages of design are linked to BIM.

Additionally, as the company’s design department, we have built an organizational structure for tool development, education, and project development. We respond to the evolving technology and diversifying customer needs over time and provide optimal solutions that exceed expectations.

*Computational Design: A method of performing design simulations on a 3D model using computer programming technology, rather than simply supporting drawing with 2D CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Shimz DDE® is a registered trademark of Shimizu.
Rhino® and Grasshopper® are registered trademarks of Robert McNeel and Associates.


Organizational "Knowledge" × Design × Engineering
to open up the future of architecture.

Shimizu's "knowledge" shared by the organization

With Shimz DDE, the expertise of skilled designers and the new values of young designers are accumulated on the digital platform and shared throughout the organization.

By having all company-wide designers utilize and develop the All Shimizu "knowledge," we will realize higher quality proposals.

Advanced fusion of design and engineering

From structural and environmental simulations to linking with new construction and fabrication technologies, Shimz DDE acts as a bridge to a variety of specialty technologies.

The collaboration of designers and engineers enables a multi-faceted and cross-cutting approach to provide evidence-based advanced solutions.

A new design process that leads the times

Shimz DDE aims to be a sustainable platform that evolves by flexibly and quickly incorporating the latest digital technologies such as AI.

Making full use of cutting-edge computational technology as a new design tool, we will open up the future of architecture with a new design process that leads the times.