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Young staff seeking to become skilled craftspeople receive direct guidance from senior colleagues who have deep expertise in areas such as materials evaluation, blade sharpening, and the use of tools. The craftspeople work side by side with quiet intensity and enjoy a friendly rivalry, always learning from each other’s techniques.

Tokyo Mokkoujou Arts & Crafts Furnishings strives to improve the skills of its young staff by participating in outside skills competitions. The skills of its employees are highly regarded; staff members have won the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Prize in the Skills Grand Prix Competition, while others have won the National Skills Competition in the furniture professions category and gone on to compete in international competitions.

Through these and other efforts, Tokyo Mokkoujou seeks to pass on Japan’s finest skills and techniques while providing customers with truly remarkable work.

Skills Grand Prix (a national competition among holders of National Trade Skill Testing and Certification first grade certifications)

Past awards

  • 15th Grand Prix (1996): Fighting Spirit Prize
  • 16th Grand Prix (1997): First place
  • 20th Grand Prix (2001): Bronze medal
  • 22nd Grand Prix (2003): First place
  • 23rd Grand Prix (2005): First place
  • 24th Grand Prix (2007): Silver medal
  • 26th Grand Prix (2011): First place
  • 27th Grand Prix (2013): Bronze medal
  • 28th Grand Prix (2015): Silver medal
  • 29th Grand Prix (2017): First place

National Skills Competition (national competition for skilled craftspeople aged 23 and younger)

Past awards

  • 42nd Competition (2004): First place (furniture)
  • 44th Competition (2006): Second place (furniture), third place (fittings), Fighting Spirit Prize (furniture)
  • 45th Competition (2008): First place (furniture), third place (fittings)
  • 46th Competition (2008): Second place (furniture), third place (furniture), Fighting Spirit Prize (furniture)
  • 47th Competition (2009): First place (furniture), second place (furniture), second place (furniture), third place (furniture)
  • 48th Competition (2010): First place (furniture), Fighting Spirit Prize (furniture)
  • 49th Competition (2011): Two silver medal winners (furniture)
  • 50th Competition (2012): Silver medal (furniture)

Interior Pro Ex Co (IPEC)

Past awards

Prize-winning work

IPEC 2010 merit award winner: Five Tables. Designed by Yoshiharu Shimura of Field Four Design Office; built jointly by Tokyo Mokkoujou Arts & Crafts Furnishings and Cassina IXC, Ltd. Each aspect of these tables demonstrates the advanced woodworking skills developed and refined by Tokyo Mokkoujou Arts & Crafts Furnishings. (Photo courtesy Akito Goto)

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