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Shimizu's Dream

Shimizu continues to introduce our vision for the future.
We tackle new technological challenges and present wide-ranging proposals for the benefit of up-coming generations.

Proposals to Benefit Future Generations

A New Interface between Humankind and the Deep Sea
-A Deep Sea Future City Concept- OCEAN SPIRAL

To this day, the enormous potential of the deep sea remains unaware by humankind

Lunar Solar Power Generation -LUNA RING-

The Energy Paradigm Shift Opens the Door to a Sustainable Society

The Environmental Island -GREEN FLOAT-

The Botanical City Concept

Inter Cell City

Creating a Sustainable, Environmentally Conscious City

Space Hotel -Space Tourism-

Formation of Space Tourism

Urban Geo-Grid Plan

Systematic Coexistence of Above-Ground and Underground Areas to Create Efficient, Orderly Urban Spaces

Desert Aqua-Net Plan

Creating Lakes in the Desert: A Proposal for Creating a Network of Canals and Exploring New Ways to Inhabit Our Planet

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