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Research Facilities: Structural Testing Laboratory

Introduced below are the research facilities managed and operated by the Institute of Technology. Click the name of a research facility to view the corresponding details.

Structural Testing Laboratory

Shimizu believes advanced structural safety constitutes the basis of a safe and secure society.
Ensuring structural safety is essential not just for the safety of an entire facility, but for society in general. At the Structural Testing Laboratory, large-scale testing sites, highly reliable testing equipment, and efficient and flexible measuring instruments are used to perform various structural experiments, with vital support from experienced employees. These activities support the concept of social safety at its very foundations.

6-MN structural testing machine
6-MN structural testing machine

Online static pressure system
Online static pressure system

Description of Tests and Experiments

  • Structural tests using large-scale models of ultra high-rise buildings, underground storage facilities, atomic power generation facilities, etc.
  • Structural tests of parts and joints used in large-space construction methods and subsurface construction methods
  • Structural material strength tests for piles, steel frames, and large-diameter reinforcing bars

Features of the Facility

  • 6-MN structural testing machine
  • Reaction floor/wall
  • Enhanced reaction floor/wall
  • Online static pressure system
  • Static measurement system (LASE)
  • Dynamic strain recording/processing equipment

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