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Shimizu CSR Report 2008

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Full Data (9.1 MB PDF file)

Toward the Realization of a Rich Sustainable Society (1.5 MB PDF file)

Content Page
Toward the Realization of a Rich Sustainable Society 1
Index 2
Top Message 3
CSR Activity Policies
Fulfilling Our Responsibility and Credence to Meet Social Needs

TOPICS Examples of Our Achievements that Meet the Needs of Society (4.8 MB PDF file)

Content Page
Creating Buildings with Great Value for People and Society 7
  • A public building with doors open to the community—the new communication center of Chiyoda City that is attracting large numbers of people
Extending the Life of Buildings to Pass On Their Value to the Next Generation 11
  • Seismic isolation retrofit as a bridge for bringing a monumental school building into the future
  • Environmentally compatible office building that can be comfortably used with peace of mind for the next 20 years
Efforts toward Ecological Conservation in Collaboration with Stakeholders 15
  • Creating an eco-town based on the natural characteristics of the area
  • Conservation of the ecological system through collaboration between NPOs and companies
Shaping a Better Society as a Good Corporate Citizen 19
  • Performing a wide range of activities from the individual to the Company level with close links to the local community

ACTIVITIES Details and Achievements of CSR Activities (1.8 MB PDF file)

Content Page
Details of Activities and Achievements for Fiscal 2007 23
Corporate Governance and Fair Business Practice 24
Disclosure and Protection of Information 26
Human-Conscious Company 27
Efforts in Procurement 30
Working Environment 31
Quality Management 33
Policy and Initiatives for Environmental Conservation 35
Summary of Activities and Achievements 36
Reports by Activity Theme  
  • Prevention of global warming
  • Resource saving and recycling
  • Initiatives for soil remediation
  • Measures against hazardous materials
  • Status of legal compliance
  • Environmental accounting
Fiscal 2008 Environmental Action Plan 43

Shimizu's Major Developments Regarding CSR (3.5 MB PDF file)

Content Page
Shimizu's Major Developments Regarding CSR 44
Fiscal 2007 External Awards 44
Third Party Evaluation  
Review on the 14th Shimizu CSR Report 45
Independent Assurance Report 46

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