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Corporate Social Responsibility

As expectations grow for companies to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities (CSR), it has become a crucial management issue to maintain fairness and transparency in business activities. In addition, the effects of global environmental problems become more and more keenly felt, year after year. An effective response to the global environmental crisis will require concerted action among societies, businesses, and individuals.

Since our foundation, we have based our management policy on Rongo to Soroban ("The Analects and the Abacus") by Eiichi Shibusawa, who was appointed our senior advisor in 1887. Shibusawa taught that a company should earn fair returns and contribute to society based on a strict code of business ethics. Today, we remain committed to the concept that corporate social responsibility (CSR) means incorporating social and environmental awareness into all our operations.

By managing our business responsibly, we are making continuous contributions to the sustainable development of society and acting as a good corporate citizen. Our CSR activities are based on the following three pillars:

  • Fairness and transparency in business
  • The creation of value that surpasses expectations
  • Coexistence with society

Fairness and Transparency in Business

As part of our efforts to contribute to a sustainable society, we will pursue our global business activities with a strong commitment to corporate ethics. To promote sounder management in new and existing business domains, we will enhance risk management rules and systems in accordance with social requirements, take steps to prevent problems before they occur, and reduce risks. We will also continue current initiatives that ensure the propriety of all business transactions, full compliance with antitrust laws, and zero tolerance for socially detrimental activities, based on a group-wide perspective.

The Creation of Value That Surpasses Expectations

An important mission of the construction industry is to provide society with safe and secure foundations for daily life. Through the Shimizu Institute of Technology’s conducting research and development on protection against disasters and mitigation, we strive to protect our customers and their property, and help build a society in which people can live free of needless worry. We seek to create value that surpasses the expectations of our customers by identifying their true needs and achieving the highest quality at all stages: from business development through to design, construction, and operations.

On the other hand, global warming is an issue that requires sustained and dedicated efforts as before. We continue to promote our Ecological Mission as a companywide target for reducing carbon-dioxide emissions. In May, we completed the construction of our new head office building, which features the very latest in environmental technologies. Next spring, we plan to complete a zero-energy building (ZEB) in Yamanashi, Japan. We will help protect the global environment by developing and implementing environmental technologies through these and other projects and by taking part in overseas environmental projects, including smart-city initiatives.

Coexistence with Society

Through our construction activities, we have established close ties to local communities. Positioning community outreach as a top company priority, we continue to conduct site tours, take part in community events, and pursue other activities that contribute to society—activities in which the head office, branch offices, sales offices, and numerous construction sites all play vital roles. We are also working to ensure emergency preparedness by developing systems that make it possible to marshal the resources of our entire group to provide immediate aid to affected areas in the event of a disaster.

In addition, we are making efforts to maintain and improve our work environment. We strive to create attractive workplaces that help motivate diverse groups of workers, strengthen workplace communications, and encourage mutual growth. In terms of workplace safety, we continue to identify and establish effective accident-prevention measures and companywide safety initiatives.

Participation in the United Nations Global Compact

In March 2013, Shimizu became a signatory to and participant in the UN Global Compact.
(See the United Nations website for more information on the UN Global Compact)

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