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Management Strategies

Smart Vision 2010

Aiming to be a Smart Solutions Company

Growing alongside society and creating environments where people can enjoy comfort and peace of mind

At the Shimizu Group, we seek to be a Smart Solutions Company, with the construction business positioned at its core. Our goal is to advance the sustainability of society and of construction while providing value that surpasses customer expectations.

A Smart Solutions Company is a company or group of companies that provides customers with added value and timely solutions. This is done through proactive participation, investment, and management in promising spheres of business surrounding the core construction business, as opposed to focusing solely on basic construction tasks.

Towards the realization of the Long-term Vision "Smart Vision 2010", Shimizu formulated the Midterm Management Plan 2014 (FY2014–2018) in June 2014.

Fundamental Policies − Sustained growth, further evolution −

Business Enhancement Policies

1.  Strengthening competitiveness to overcome a contracting domestic market and achieve sustained growth and expanded market share

Sustained growth in core business areas

2.  Establishing business foundations in three key areas to build a base for future revenues

3.  Strengthening group company management through synergies generated by focusing on the "environment" in all areas of business

Foundation Enhancement Policies

1.  Building a management structure to promote sustained growth by enabling flexible responses to the business environment while minimizing the impact of economic cycles on our businesses

2.  Establishing management systems suited to business diversification, including global expansion and support of stock management

CSR Enhance technological capabilities Human-resource management Enhancing organizations and structures Sustainability business Global business Construction Building stock management

Business Enhancement Policies

Establishing and cultivating businesses for sustained growth and further evolution

Policies that enhance the construction business
Shimizu as a Most-Preferred Partner
  • Providing optimal integrated solutions for the construction business, based on customer satisfaction and driven by constant efforts to maintain and improve our technological capabilities and services
  • Positioning ourselves as the front-runner as a green contractor through an optimal mix of construction and environmental solutions
Building stock management business enhancement policies
A second company cornerstone apart from construction
  • Establishing a unique after-sales service model to strengthen and enhance management and maintenance businesses throughout the life of client properties
  • Establishing a stable revenue source by expanding operations in the building stock management field, as well as other multifaceted real estate businesses
Global business enhancement policies
Maintaining global competitiveness
  • Improving and developing infrastructure and contributing to economic growth, with a focus on emerging markets
  • Establishing the Shimizu brand as a trusted global name, through support for customers in both "hard" construction and "soft" services
Sustainability business enhancement policies
An industry leader in environmental fields
  • Helping to establish a low-carbon society based on advanced, next-generation environmental and energy-management business models
  • Becoming a global player in nuclear power engineering

Foundation Enhancement Policies

Nurturing an ethical corporate image and a spirit that welcomes challenges

CSR management policies
Shimizu as an ethical organization trusted by society
  • Realizing value that surpasses customer expectations by actively responding to expectations and changes in society and the environment
  • Maintaining our status as a company trusted by local communities by making active social contributions at the company, worksite, and employee levels
Policies to enhance technological capabilities
Shimizu as a company that provides technology-based solutions
  • Strategic technological developments based on production innovations and next-generation built environments* to strengthen the core construction business
    * Spaces consisting of nature, human activity, and built spaces
  • Developing and commercializing innovative technologies in the areas of the environment and energy to enhance sustainability
Policies for human-resource management
Shimizu as an organization of energetic individuals
  • Nurturing a trusted group of professionals by emphasizing the transmission of key skills and our corporate culture, which is ultimately based on a sense of good craftsmanship
  • Establishing a corporate culture that respects diverse values, personalities, and individuality; working to inspire employees and help them improve their performance
Policies to enhance the organization and various structures
Shimizu as an organization filled with brightness, vitality, and a spirit that welcomes challenges
  • Fostering a corporate culture that encourages each individual to tackle challenges, drawing fully on his or her own abilities
  • Building a simple, transparent, easy-to-understand customer-oriented organization: Eliminating redundant management controls and vertical segmentation
  • Implementing comprehensive risk management measures to maintain the sound financial constitution needed to take on challenges

The Midterm Management Plan 2014 (FY2014–2018)

Towards the realization of the Long-term Vision "Smart Vision 2010", Shimizu formulated the Midterm Management Plan 2014 (FY2014-2018) in June 2014. The plan is designed to define basic policies, action plans and performance targets for FY2014-2018.

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