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Corporate Profile

Corporate Name:


Head Office: 2-16-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8370
Phone: +81-3-3561-1111 (Operator-assisted)

Map to the Head Office

President and Director: Kazuyuki Inoue
Founded: In 1804 by Kisuke Shimizu
Incorporated 1937, as Shimizu Gumi, Ltd.
Renamed to Shimizu Construction Co., Ltd. in 1948
Renamed to Shimizu Corporation in 1987
Capital: JP Yen: 74,365 million
US $: 660,496 thousand
(US$1=¥112.59/Year ended March 31, 2016)

10,728(As of April 1, 2017)

Lines of Business: Construction, Architecture, Engineering and Property Services

Lines of Business:

Organization Chart(PDF:485KB)

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