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Message from the President

Today’s Work, Tomorrow’s Heritage

In 1804, founder Kisuke Shimizu established a carpentry shop in the Kanda Kajicho district of Edo (now Tokyo), launching a company history that now spans more than 210 years.

During the company’s early years, Shimizu appointed Eiichi Shibusawa, a renowned industrialist of the Meiji Era (1868-1912), to serve as senior advisor, and based its management style on his book, Rongo to Soroban (The Analects and the Abacus). This work set forth the concept of how businesses can contribute to society based on a firm union between ethics and economics.

In an environment of ever-changing times and diversified customer needs, Shimizu holds steadfast to its philosophy of creating value that surpasses the expectations of customers through ongoing innovation and a sincere approach to monozukuri craftsmanship.

While fulfilling the construction industry’s vital social roles —developing a safe and reliable infrastructure, protecting against natural disasters, and promoting environmental sustainability— we are taking on the challenge of expanding new business domains and bringing the “Shimizu Dream,” our vision for the future, into reality, all from a global perspective.

Shimizu works on each and every project with great passion in order to hand down the Shimizu heritage to our children and subsequent generations. We have encapsulated this approach with our corporate slogan: “Today’s Work, Tomorrow’s Heritage.”

Shimizu Corporation
President and Director
Kazuyuki Inoue

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