Shimizu Extends Mandatory Retirement Age to 65

― Preparing the Work Environment for an Era of the “100-Year Life” ―

  • Management

October 6, 2020

Shimizu Corporation (President: Kazuyuki Inoue) will extend its mandatory retirement age for all employees from age 60 to 65 from April 2021. This is part of the company’s efforts to prepare the work environment for look ahead an era of the “100-year life”.

Shimizu will raise the mandatory retirement age to 65 and give employees the option to choose the timing of retirement between age 60 and 65, according to each person’s circumstances. To support flexible workstyles for senior human resources, the company will also introduce a system that will enable employees who are age 60 or older to choose shorter working hours and fewer working days.

To realize its 10-year plan, SHIMZ VISION 2030, Shimizu is focusing on human resource development and workstyle reforms that will build the foundation to achieve sustainable growth of the company. As part of those efforts, the company is working to establish an environment that will create pleasant to work and will increase job satisfaction to enable employees of all generations, including senior employees, to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest extent.

In the future, Shimizu will strive to realize a work environment that provides job satisfaction and greatly rewards human resources who contribute to growth of the company. We will achieve this by extending the mandatory retirement age, revisioning of the personnel system, and establishing a pleasant work environment that diverse human resources is comfortable to work and be active as a member of the Shimizu team over the long term.

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