Research and Development Activities & Achivements
Design and Construction of Compressed Natural Gas Storage in Rock
Rooftop Planting System
Development of the Energy Absorbing System Installing in Shear Wall Structures
Control System of Industrial Waste from Construction Site
SC WAVE Transmission Simulation-Determining the Optimal Positioning of Digital TV Broadcasting Facilities
Wet Tipe Airborne Molecular Contaminant Removal System
Development of Life-Cycle CO2 Assessment System "GEM-21"
Evolution Models for Integrating Material Flow and Labors
Development of Diaphragm Wall using High Strength Concrete
Rsearch and Developmnet on Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Members with Carbon Fiber Sheets
Dewatering and Recycling System of Waste Bentonite Slurry
Development of High Performance Electromagnetic Shielding System
Structual Health Monitoring System
Response Analysis for a Very Large Pile Structure in Nonlinear Random Waves
Development of Fire Safety System of Medical and Welfare Facilities
Development of GIS-based Earthquake Ground Motion and Earthquake Damage Estimation System
Study on Preservation and Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings
Estimation of Injury in Steel Structure using Eddy Current Testing
Behavioral Scientific Indoor Evaluation Method
Evaluation of Dynamic Characteristics of High-rise Building using System Identification Techniques
RC Structure Strengthened Method by Carbon Fiber Sheet Bending
A New Remedial Method to Protect Pile-Foundations of Large Structures from Soil Liquefaction
Development of 3D Coupled Stress-flow Analysis Technique for Geotechnical Problem
A Study on Restoration Technology of Natural Environment and Ecosystem
Development of Space Truss Structure with CFRP
Expanded Mild-Slope Equations for the Analysis of Wave-Induced Ship Motion in a Harbor
Study on Seismic Alert System and Total Seismic Vulnerability for Private Enterprise
Simulation Analysis of Buildings Damaged During Hyogo-ken Nannbu Earthquake
Welding Procedure Tests of Steel Column-to-column Partial Penetration Groove Welded Joints
Causes of the Damage to Steel-Structure Buildings by 1995 Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake
Evaluation of Composite Ground Using Deep Mixing Method
Study on the Countermeasure against Liquefaction for Stuctures Neighboring Quay Walls Using Dynamic Centrifuge
A Study on PhysiopychologicalEffects of Hypobaric Environment on Humans
A Study on Ground Improvement Methods and its Application to Earthquake Resistance Design
Weathering Evaluation of Top Coatings for Building Exterior
Evaluation of Vibration Effects on Buildings
Numerical Model of Jointed Rock Masser Reinforced by Rock Bolts
Urban Micro-climate Analysis
Robust Vibration Control Using Multiple Tuned Liquid Damper
The Effects of Land Use on Urban Thermal Environment
3-D Water Quality Modeling of Stratified Water
An Examination of the Building Skelton Magnetization
Evaluation of Crowd Characteristics by Image Processing
Study of Database System in Building Maintenancs
Undestanding the Evaluation Point and Behavioral Patterns with the Miniature Garden Method
Groundwater Flow Analysis Using Isotopes as Tracers
Revaluation of the Equation for Shear Strength of Steel Concrete Composite Beams
Concrete Work Control System
Development of SSG Glass Unit Applying Thermosetting Silicone
Study on the Application of Thin Precast Concrete Formwork Using the Centrifugal Method
A Study on the Light-Weight Fiber Glass Concrete Curtain Wall for High-rise Building
Ultrasonic Image Processing Instrument for Concrete
Stabilizing Slurry Control System for Diaphragm Wall Construction
In-site Slurry Solidification Method Using Inorganic Carbonate
Studies on Construction Dewatering Talking into Account Three Dimensional Groundwater Flow
A Study on Behavior of High Energy Particles
Development of Space Cooling System Utilizing Deep Seawater
Empinical Study on Thermal Insulation and Freezing Prevention for Pipe Lines
The Study on the Most Suitable Water Utilization Method for an Area
Centrifugal Precast Concrete Formwork
Recycled Form System with Little Waste
Vibration Free Highly Flowable Concrete
High-Performance Artificial Light Weight Concrete
Computer Interactive Strength Simulation System for Concrete Structure
Borehole-Type Compass Using Gyroscope
Early Estimation for Seismic Damage
Vibration Control Damper System
Evaluation & Creation Technique for Sound Environment
Full-scale Measurement Study on Wind-Induced Response of High-Rise Building
Simulation for Short Term Fluctuation of Water Quality in an Eutrophic Water
Application of Electro Deposition Technique
Study & Development of Spherical Cement
Study on Embankment Reinforced with Geotextiles
Development of Dew Point Detector
An Expert System for the Design of Control Cracking of Concrete
New Dewatering Method for Excavation
Research & Development of Protection of Liqurfaction-Hazard
Audible Room Accoustics Simulator
Study on Diminution and Treatment of Pesticides by Shimizu Golf Course System
Development of Shimizu New Cast-in Situation Substructure System
Development of Computer Analysis System for Concrete Strength
New Partition Wall for High-Rise Multiple-Dwelling House
Development of Precast Concrete Curtain Wall Reinforced with NEFMAC
Development of Flash-Setting Light Weight Materials
Development of Acoustic Anisotropy Checker
Research & Development on a General Designed Method for Soil Liquefaction
Reseach on Contamination of Wafer by Gasses and Chemical Ions and its Control Method in Cleanroom
Development of Low Noise Type Prefabricated Bio-Clean Operating Room System
Development of Producing Equipment for Healthy Drinking Water
Research on the Appropriate Use of Microcapsules in Concrete Admixtures
Research & Development of Construction Materials Using Coal Ash
Research & Development on Current Direction Velocity Meter for Boreholes
Research & Development of Super Sloshing Dampers
Development of Earthquake Danger Analysis System
Research on Reinforced Steel Concrete Building Durability and Longevity Measuring System
Research & Development of an Electromagnetic Shield Room
Research on Telecommunications
Research & Development of Plant Factories
Development of a Precooling System
Research & Development of the Production of Ultra-High-Strength Concrete
Research on Highly Fluid Concrete
Research & Development of Ultra-Sonic Equipment for Concrete
Research on the Liquefaction of Sand Bases Through the Introduction of Air Bubbles
Research on Biological Clean Rooms
Development of Wind Environment Measuring System
Development of Low-Temperature Storage Space Using Heat Pipes
Research & Development of Deep Water Utilization
Development of Smoke Prevention System
Development of Roller-Compacted Dam Concrete (RCD) Method and Pumped Concrete for Dams (PCD) Method
Development of Asbestos Encapsulation Method
Development of Lightweight Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement
Development of Pin Grout Method
Development of Shimizu Base Isolation Vibration Control System
Development of First-Floor Energy-Absorbing Steel Structures
Research & Development of High-Strength Reinforced Concrete Structures
Development of Large-Scale Wooden Structures
Development of Harvest-Type Ice-Based Thermal Storage System
Research & Development for Decommissioning Concrete Used in Tritium Treatment Facilities
Development of Electromagnetic Wave-Shielded Building (RADNET)
Development of Flexible Mound Wave Absorber
Development of Simulation Program for Smoke Movement and Human Evacuation Behavior During Fires
Development of Shimizu Local Area Network System for High-Rise Condominiums
Research & Development of Form System for X-Braced Form Structures (FSX)
Development of Mass Concrete Strength Control System
Development of Enameled Concrete
Development of ST Panel (Multipurpose Panel)
Development of Borehole Scanner
Development of Large-Scale Three-Dimensional Vibration Table
Development of Seismic Design Code for Nuclear Power Plants
Development of Unbonded Steel Tube Concrete Structure
Development of Analytical Method for Measuring Liquefaction of Sandy Deposits
Development of Shimizu Automatic Slurry Component Analyzer
Development of Cement-Stabilizing Dispersing Agent for Bentonite Slurry
Development of Permanent Ground Anchor (STK Anchor)
Development of Computer Simulation Method for Room Acoustics
Development of Super Clean Room Technologies
Development of Super Wind Tunnel Testing System
Research & Development of Solar Ray Collecting Device
Development of Electromagnetically Isolated Anechoic Chamber (EMAC)
Research & Development of High-Efficiency Bio-Reactor
Research on New Composite Slab System Using Large-Scale Cast-in-Place P.C. Panel
Development of Effective Method for Coal Ash Disposal
Development of One-Piece Nuclear Reactor Removal Method
Development of In-Situ Freezing Method
Development of Thermal Network Analysis Simulation Program
Development of Protection Method from Salt Particles for Seaside Factory
Development of Insoluble Underwater Concrete (Jointless Underwater Concrete)
Development of Ultrasonic Testing Apparatus with Recorders for Gas-Pressure Welds of Reinforcing Bars
Development of Ice Thermal Storage System for Air Conditioning
Development of Silicon Rubber Lining Method for Smokestacks & Exhaust Ducts
Development of Air-Supported Dome
Development of Work Scheduring & Management System by MAC (Multi-Activity Chart)
Development of Fire-Proofing Spray Robot (Simizu Site Robot-2)
Development of Reinforced Concrete & Steel System (RCSS)
Development of Underground Food Storage System
Development of System for Removal of BOD,Phosphorous & Denitrification
Development of Wave Height-Distribution Analytical System in Harbor
Research and Development of Design Process Documentation System
Development of Underground Liquefied-Natural Gas Storage Tank Facility
Development of Thermal Stress Design Methid for Reinforced Concrete Structures
Development of Solar Energy Heating & Cooling System
Development of Outside Thermal Insulation Method
Development of Coal Dust Emission-Reduction Method for Stock Yards
Development of Waveforce AnalyticalSystem for Large Offshore Structures
Development of Simple Method for Measuring Noise Insulation Characteristics
Development of Recycled Water Supply System
Development of High-Grade Preplaced Aggregate Concrete
Development of Sea Bed Liquefaction Evaluation System
Development of Progressive Strength Slab Construction Method (MICCO)
Development of Numerical Analysis Method for Consolidation of Multi-Layered Anisotropic Soil by Vertical Drains
Development of Backfilling Material (Mud Mortar) Utilizing Excavated Soil
Development of Automatic Measurement System for Earth Retaining Wall
Development of Shimizu Diagnosis System for Existing Buildings
Development of Calculation Program to Measure Outdoor Propagation of Factory Noise
Development of Tandem Flaw Detector on Thick Plate Welds
Development of Wind Tunnel-Based Wind Hazard Prediction System
Development of Earthquake-Resistant Wall for High-Rise Precast-Concrete Structures
Development of TS Sleeve Joint for Large-Size Reinforcing Bars
Development of Flexible Slipform Method for Tower-Shaped Structures
Development of Earthquake Analysis Method for Poor Subsoil
Development of Sewage Treatment System
Development of Bentonite Slurry Treatment System
Development of Construction Scheduling System Using an On-Site Mini-Computer
Development of Shimizu Cast-in-Site Substructure System (SSS)
Research on Pumpability of Concrete
Research on Air Purification Method
Development of Shimizu Building Environmental Control System
Research on Mix Design of Preplaced Aggregate Concrete
Research on Composite Wall Method of PIP Mortar-Pile concrete
Development of Steel-Reinforced Precast Concrete Prefabrication Method
Development of Steel-Pipe Sheet-Pile Foundation Method
Development of Synchronized-Vibration-Generators for Vibration Test Structures
Development of Large-Scale Prefabricated Concrete Panel Method
Development of Man-Made Lightweight Frame Material
Development of Pre-Column Foundation Method
Development of Automatic Batch Plant
Development of Packed-in Place Concrete Piles
Development of Column Foundation Method
Development of Manually Operated Sliding-Form Method
Research on Abnormal Setting of Cement
Research on AE (Air Entrained) Concrete
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